Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I enjoy being a girl!

Who else loves that song from the Flower Drum Song? Anyone? Anyone? If not, go listen to it now! It empowers me:) Oh, and how I LOVE being a girl!!! And so does my little Erin.

She got her ears pierced six weeks ago, which means I had SIX weeks of, "Mom... has it been six weeks yet?" "Mom, can I take my earrings out yet?" To which I set up a calendar for her to circle each day, so that she would KNOW how much longer she would have til she could take out her earrings and put in new ones. To which she would forget, and each week she would ask... "How many days has it been so I can circle them and has it been SIX weeks YET?" We finally settled on, You can take them out when it is Dante's birthday... she finally understood.

I remember so FONDLY how excited I was to wear dangly earrings... and hoops... and anything that wasn't just a stud (they are actually cute now, the ones they gave me were ugly) Anyways, Erin was just as giddy and excited, to get more super girly earrings! I LOVE earrings and I'm glad she does too.
How cute is her outfit, and she is wearing her hoops and showing you her "dangly butterfly" earrings.


~~Heidi~~ said...

So cute!! I love her outfit, and the earrings are sooo cool! I remember being excited to wear fun earrings too!