Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Good News and Some Bad News

First the good news.... this morning as I was tidying up I noticed that Dante and Erin both put their shoes where they were supposed to next to our back door. It brought tears to my eyes... this doesn't happen often without a little nudge and most the time without a Dante, Dante, Dante,... Erin,Erin,Erin.... put your shoes away, put your shoes away, put your shoes away!! But for whatever reason-- (hopefully habit?) THEY DID IT!!! (without me asking!)

Now for the bad news! This brought different tears to my eyes!
Tis' the wonderful season of crane flies! I HATE crane flies! I ABHOR crane flies! To this day I will runaway from a crane fly if it starts flying in the same room as me... and usually squealing simultaneously.

I know they are "harmless" you say... but, I've had more then one dream in my lifetime that these things (along with moths) ATTACK me! and I won't kill one on purpose for the sole reasoning that the little things friends will come back and get their revenge on me! DON'T LAUGH AT ME!

Growing up in Texas I have come to learn to at least to "live" with the little buggers because they EAT mosquitoes. Yes, they eat them.

Well, until one day, their was one in my shower, and I REFUSE to shower if one is in my bathroom because what if one of its legs gets wet, and then it falls down into my hair and I accidentally wash him into my hair (and I could go on and on).. and Chet says "JUST KILL IT!" and my hasty reply of "But it eats mosquitoes, and they are the "good" kind of bug" made Chet look at me like I was a complete MORON Then he states.... they don't eat mosquitoes... look at them... do you think they could actually EAT a mosquito??

Seriously... it bummed me MORE to hear this, then it did when I learned there was no Easter Bunny. You mean, I've been "living" with these creatures for NO good reason?? Who fooled me! And how come my husband knows everything??? I did google it to be sure, because I so badly wanted to be like, "Nuh-uh! SEE!SEE!SEE!! They DO eat mosquitoes!" But no dice!

So, I'm sorry to have to burst your bubble on that one........

but let us not dwell on the negative... and remember--- Dante and Erin did put their shoes away in their proper place-- AND they put them away neatly:)


Melynda said...

What? They don't eat mosquitoes? Who started such a nasty rumor? Although, it does make sense. They don't look like they can harm anything, unless they team up with moths and decide to attack.

KID, MD said...

Wait, wait, according to wikipedia "Some larval crane flies may on occasion feed on mosquito larvae" That counts, right?

Andrea said...

The bugs in Houston are something else. That was one thing I was sure I could never have gotten used to....if we would have stayed.

Katie said...

I always thought they ate mosquitos too... I learn something new everyday!

Monica said...

NO!!! This is some of the saddest news I have heard in a long time. And then, HOW, I would like to know, did they earn the name "skeeter eaters"?!?!? It's the only piece of information that keeps my kids from freaking out when they see them. So I think I'll hide this little bit of trivia from them and let them go on believing in skeeter eaters and the Easter Bunny.

Kaylynne said...

I totally thought they ate mosquitoes too.