Friday, February 27, 2009


I KNEW you would ALL be jumping at the chance to get something TOTALLY awesome from me! And when I get up to the kingdom of heaven, and HF asks me if I served my fellow man, I'm going to have to say- well.... people went running when I offered to serve! So, if I don't make it in... it is on your heads! Seriously... NO seriously! (and for people who may not know me...insert sarcasm here):)

And just a reminder- there is one spot open! TAKE IT! For Shauna and Jill, please e-mail me your addresses at: Jill, I think I have yours- but go ahead and e-mail it to me again:) You will be getting the BEST gifts EVER!!:)

On a 2nd note - who has been watching the Bachelor this season??

I'm one of those reality tv SNOBS-- if I don't like any of the people on their then I don't watch- if I do.... then I'll watch(which means I haven't watched The Bachelor or Bachelorette for about 5 years.) The season finale is coming up- March 2nd!... and I think it would be fun to have us ALL get together and watch it! At my house-- but first I need to know who watches it- so if the part-AY sounds fun-- or if you just want to come to my house for some chill time (after fhe of course) then LEAVE a comment and we will DO IT!


Amber Staub said...

That's so funny that you want to get together to watch the season finale because I was thinking it would be so fun to do that but I wasn't sure if anyone else actually watched it. I LOVE IT! If you decide to have a party, I'm there.
P.S. I'm not falling for the DeAnna bit.

Katie said...

i LOVE the bachelor!! i'm not sure a 10 hour drive for your party will happen, but pretend i'm there ok because i would if i could!!