Sunday, February 15, 2009

MY First SEWING Project!!

(still waiting for D's baptism pics - so another post in the meantime)

This past week my mother in-law was cool enough to teach me how to use my NEW sewing machine! I had been meaning to go over to my mom's to learn, and you would think since we live a block away from one another I would have managed to do so--- but that didn't quite happen. So, I jumped at the chance to ask my expert mother in law if she would do the honors.
Luckily she said yes, and eight hours later I was able to say that I created THIS masterpiece:

No, it isn't perfect, NOT even close- I sewed one of the pockets on and instead of leaving the top open, so that it is an actual "pocket" I sewed right over it- and was too impatient to get my first sewing project done, that I didn't even take it out- so now it is just a decoration- but I'm still VERY proud of my cute new apron! -crooked stitches and all:)

Hopefully as I become more efficient with my sewing machine- it won't take me EIGHT hours every time I attempt something. This was literally the first time I have even TOUCHED a sewing machine for appropriate uses-- in fact- I know I have touched the foot thingy (what is that called again?) that makes the needle go up and down tons of times when I was younger- because that was fun... but the thought that actual sewing could be fun too- never crossed my mind. But it IS, especially since you get an end result right away!

Thanks Donna for helping me out and I dedicate my apron to you.... but I am keeping it for myself:)


KID, MD said...

Good job! It looks really cute! Now you can make cute dresses for you and Erin!!! It's addictive - watch out!

Melynda said...

I'm so proud!!! Maybe you could sew a shiny shirt for me someday? You know, when it's my time for one....

spenceandcass said...

Good Job! Looks great! Who needs pockets anyway?

Jill Hunt said...

Love it! So cute and I can't believe it is the first thing you have sewn. What a talent! You wanna make me one?!