Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love finding NEW passions!

I consider myself to be a pretty passionate and energetic person. When I decide to do something- I do it (get your mind out of the gutter!) with all my heart, mind, and soul and then I move on.... AND I have to be the best I can be at it! And you can bet I'll BE the best!;)

Right now I have 2 new passions- that I can't get enough of- and that I thought I would NEVER, EVER- and when I say NEVER EVER- I mean it- I never thought I would EVER sew, OR play racquetball! EVER!!!

First passion: Sewing!

My mom always wanted her girls to sew- and I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world-- WHY would I need to learn how to sew?? I mean, IS my hair gray? So, I never learned and then just recently I have gotten "the bug" if you will- because I realized, it is NOT just about older women sewing- but young cool moms can sew too!! (yes that means YOU!:))

The BEST part is-- I can NOW watch tv AND sew and you can't say I'm NOT being productive!! Do you LOVE it?? If that doesn't make you love it-- maybe these will.... my mom had a ton of fabric left over from a previous enrichment night, and so she gave me a little girls apron pattern... and I went to TOWN-- and I even embellished a little...

Don't believe me-- SEE for yourself:)

First we have Erin sporting her new gorgeous blue/green, flower/butterfly apron! The bow originally does not call to tie in the front-- but I think it looks cuter, so I just made the ribbon longer on the ends so it would go all the way around.
Next we have Brayden modeling the apron I made for Minnie (which she was too shy to put on) and on this one, I altered the length and width it called for AND I added a little pocket, because I had extra material!! How CUTE does he look?? (And yes- I bribed him with an OREO- do not judge!)
And as hard as I tried, Dante and Ethan did not want to be SEEN in my other two aprons. I still have a few more to make- but for now- I'm loving these!! (And YES I'm standing on the table- and YES- I'm barefoot.... but look how cute my toes look!)

Tomorrow I'm learning how to make and quilt pieces of baby blankets together!! YEAH!!

New passion #2: Racquetball( because I'm getting SO good!)

I mean... CHECK IT!!

If you get a bruise like this- that means you HUSTLE!!

I used to be ALL about tennis! I mean- I was the captain of my high school tennis team-- HEELLOOO?? (I mean, LOOK at me!) I still LOVE to play--- and I remember when I heard people rave about racquetball, and I was always like... WHATEVER! It is all about THE TENNIS! I was a tennis snob- and I was NEVER going to play racquetball... EVER!

However, Chet started to play racquetball quite frequently after we got married.. and I still wouldn't play, wouldn't play, wouldn't play, and wouldn't play!

When we moved to Texas we started to play tennis at our neighborhood courts quite regularly... and we are both pretty competitive-- and we were both at the same level, where- neither of us would ever WALE on the other- it was ALWAYS a really close game-- ALWAYS! But I got tired of the complaint of "tennis is too slow" "Bertie, you need to RUN to get the ball (once it is no longer in play)" "everything needs to be quicker paced" "bertie, Bertie, BERTIEEEE!!"

So, I gave in-- once all of his racquetball buddies moved away- and I decided I would fill the position til' he could find a new one.

And man- was I ADDICTED after game one!! It is SO fast paced- AND such a good workout! You are just all over the place.

At first I wasn't the greatest player- but I always went after the ball!! And I never quit. You can tell I'm more of an physical athlete and Chet is more of a mental athlete (as in a nerdy athlete)

The second time we played- and I was missing some shots of his... (because seriously- the ball goes all over the place, from the ceiling to the side wall to the back wall) he told me to anticipate... and I was like, "Honey- I AM ANTICIPATING... I'm in the ready position!!"

He clarified-- No, you are not anticipating-- if the ball hits this corner- then depending on what angle the ball hit that corner- will determine which axis it will spin off of- and you will know where it will hit- you are just running after the ball like you can actually catch it.. vs. doing your mathematical equations.. and being able to stand in one place, while it comes to you.

I was like WHAAAAAT?? Are you speaking English?? It is a game- there is an objective - you HIT the ball- THAT is English.

I am getting pretty darn good(I'll toot my own horn if I want to;))- we have only played maybe 8 times... and so far I have not won a game against him... because let's face it... he is a mathematical genius, and knows every racquetball equation by heart. I'm not going to lie to myself about that. He is JUST SMART! (and has been playing 8 years longer then I have)

BUT.... yesterday... I made it all the way to 11 points!! and he was SO down it wasn't even funny! And as soon as he gained the serve back.... MAN you should have seen him! He was whipping mad-- and whipping serves out like a PRO! (it was all anger power!) Needless to say- he won, and I started laughing, and was like, "Someone doesn't like to lose!" Whoo-hooo-hoo!

So, that nice little welting bruise on my knee was a victory dive. He tells me to stand in one place- and I just CAN'T! I don't get it! So, I still am all over the place, all over the floor, banging into the walls-- BUT I'm getting points off those hits now... I'm learning to place it just right, that wherever he decides to stand.. unless he is ACTUALLY moving towards that ball, he ain't gonna get it! I will show him!

Mathematics my arse!

So, I guess the saying holds true... never say never! (but didn't I just say it? (double time?) Some sayings I just don't get!

What is something that you thought you would never do or try, and once you did you LOVED it??


Melynda said...

You're not competitive at all! I love the racquetball story!

Melanie Rossi said...

Racquetball is fun! I totally agree with you. And I can get pretty competitive too!

Morgan said...

BERTIE! I am totally impressed with your sewing skills! :) Those aprons are WAY cute!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I so wish we lived closer. I'd love to make cute aprons with you.

Kimberly said...

Fun! I've been actually wanting to make aprons for my kids. Those are so cute. I thought that I would never do those "granny" things, too. I've discovered that I really like knitting and now I want to learn more about quilting and sewing as well.