Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To laugh or not to laugh??

I have to ask myself that question pretty much on a regular basis with Dante's quick wit! Usually I fail miserably- and I laugh my heart out--- and it just gives Dante that nudge he needs for his smart remarks! (but seriously, they are pretty funny... and make sense if you think about it- I'm sure I look like the crazy one to HIM)

I know this is my punishment for laughing at all of my cousins when they used to make smart remarks to their mom... for instance... My cousin Arnie... was told by his mom one day to "watch his mouth" to which he so quickly replied (while trying to actually "look" at his mouth) "But I can't see it" I was ON the floor with that one... but I was also like 8.

20 years later, Dante was being a little dawdler before school and taking his SWWEEEETTTT time to put his shoes and socks on, when I came in 20 min. later... and was like,

"Dante, honey, (I always say honey to soften the blow) you are driving me up a wall!"

To which his quick reply was "Oh, so you are UP there??" (as he points "up" the wall)

Where did THAT come from?? It makes sense, because it makes me look stupid for saying something, that literally can't happen-- and it was hilarious! And I laughed and he just smiled and smiled and was SO proud of himself... AND so was his dad, when I told him what happened:)

Oh, the things that kid comes up with!

What would you have done??

And NO smart remarks please;)

ps. a BIG thankyou to ALL of you who helped vote for my lazy fitness tip(especially Joyce and Melynda who let me know)... I WON the tote bag, and I can't wait to get it!


Alysha said...

I say laugh, always laugh. Sometimes it's the only way to get through it :)

Lazy Mom Amanda said...

I promise I'm bringing that tote bag! The rain kept me away today! Congrats on winning...your tips were all great. We expect you to carry that tote bag everywhere :)