Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And I NEVER thought I would be THIS woman... ok maybe I did;)

I always laugh when I see this video- it is SO funny! Especially since I have been reverse bungee jumping about 1,006 times... so I know exactly what it is like- and that kid KILLS me every time! It is hilarious-- and the lady makes it EVEN better!

So, when we reattempted the rodeo this time- on a nice and sun shining day vs. a FREEZING, wet one.... I had to ride the ZIPPER at the carnival.

I would have one of these in my back yard if I could- and the "traveling" carnival zippers are the best, because they are more rickety... if that makes sense. My friend Monica introduced me to the zipper and I haven't turned back since! Thanks Mon!!:)

The height limit was 48 inches... which means only Chet, I, and Dante could ride.... but then that would leave Erin and Ethan looking pretty lonely sitting next to the ride waiting- and not to mention, Ethan would have managed to run to Egypt by the time the ride was over. (I'm not sure how- but he WOULD have!) So, Chet so thoughtfully said, he would watch the kids while I rode it with Dante... so I did!

Dante is pretty brave- he was pointing on all these rides to go on, so I thought the zipper wouldn't be a big deal.

BOY, was I wrong!! (and maybe we shouldn't have had ice-cream sundaes right before?)

In the zipper a single bar comes over your lap... and since I am bigger then Dante it was pressed all the way on me-- but there was a little snuggle room for him (poor little dude) - you NEVER feel that secure when the bar is not completely holding you in.

So, I start rocking the cage(while other people are being loaded on) to make it even more fun for him... because I wanted to pass my wonderful zipper experience onto him.

Then we start GOING.. and man- was it going FAST! I think this might have been one of the fastest zippers I have EVER been on! Well, the first time we go over the top- we flip, forwards... completely flip, and Dante-- well, he kind of fell out of the bar... but not really out-- just flew up to the top of the cage, before I grabbed a hold of his arm... from that point on he is screaming....

"I'M GOING TO DIE!" "Mom, I'm going to Die!" "OH, my stomach!" "I'm going to Die!!"

I'm still holding onto his arm- otherwise he would be rattling around like a ping pong ball... and I'm laughing hysterically, I almost pee my pants (and I'm a GROWN woman!).. and maybe I did.. SO what! I felt like I was reenacting the video above, and thinking--- why are there NOT video cameras in HERE, so I can be taping this?? I would TOTALLY buy it!

Needless to say... once it stopped and we were waiting to be unloaded... he was like I'm NEVER going to do that again! OHHHHHHHHH! My stomach! (apparently he slammed into the bar at one point and the hitting point was his stomach)... and me like ANY good, wonderful amazing mom- told him it would be ok-- and hopped off, and told Chet- he HAD to go on it with Dante.. he just HAD to- that it would be the funniest thing he has ever seen! Chet was a nice dad, and didn't make Dante go again-- and I'm telling you.. he MISSED out!

But we did have lots of fun that day! Here are a few more pictures from our Family Rodeo Day!

Erin and Dante also had their picture taken by the Chronicle on her favorite ride!This ride never gets old either!!:)

I'm proud to say I have kids that will ride anything (and yes, even Dante said he would try the zipper again next year) Little Mr. Ethan who JUST meets the 42 inch mark... was going on some of the scarier rides-- and I think people were looking at me like a crazy mom- some even stopping to ask Ethan if he was SURE - absolutely SURE - he wanted to go on THIS ride?!

Does it look like I'm forcing him ma'am? Is he crying?? Then YES! He wants to go on THIS stupid ride!

Then proceeding to say-- "do you know what it does honey??":

Yes, I'm hoping that we will all die on it and that I scare my kids so bad that they never want to ride rides again!? That's the plan!

ps- I will be putting up my fitness blog tomorrow- April 1st.. so I need a NAME! Where are my helpers?? (see post below)


Monica said...

Thanks for the Zipper shout out!!! Those were some good times! Love the stories - I think great moms are those that encourage their kids to try new things, even if they are a little scary! Then the kids walks away saying "Hey, I did that!!" It's awesome!