Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Question for my readers!

(you would be watching me get back to this and that ANYONE can do it!)

I've been thinking about doing a "workout" blog and posting my workouts and progress, etc.... I'm trying to get back to my "fitness" ready body. Which means I have about 10 pounds to lose, and I just haven't really been motivated. I used to journal over at but thought maybe a blog would make it easier. I always try to switch up my workouts to keep my body guessing (because that is what burns calories). I would be sharing ALL my privileged info with YOU:)

So, the question I'm proposing to you is where do I blog about it:

A) Yes Bertie-- blog about it here because I would LOVE to see your progress and what you do for your workouts, and help keep you motivated. (I would post progress pics and all, so think about this)

B) I don't really care to see it- but you should make a separate blog, so that if people do want to follow you... then they can... (this blog would probably be private- and only open to people who actually want to read) Keep your family blog-- just that- about your family.

C) Hecks NO! You should NEVER, EVER journal publicly or on the net, about your journey to whatever kind of body you want--- you need to keep that stuff private and at home.. and in a notebook. Should you even really be asking this question??

So, there you have it- I'm hoping to compete again in the near future-- but to do that, I need to get my healthy habits back, and that is what I'm hoping my "blogging" journal will help with, and with the motivation from you guys! The more people in it- the more I'm likely to keep up with it!

(I have also now posted a poll on my side bar... so that you don't even have to leave a comment, you can just select one of the answers and it is completely anonymous... but you are still welcome to leave any comments too!)

A....B.... or C! And you are more then welcome to comment anonymously if you think I'll be offended (which I won't be, but whatevs) I need my blogging peeps on this one- I have between 30-50 readers a day (from unique addresses) and usually my comments are in the 1-2 range--- so I need you all to come out of your shell for this one. I want to keep my blog- WHAT you want it to be, and why you started reading in the first place... and I DO have it where ANYONE can comment!

I'll be WAITING!! (at the racquetball courts)

Forever YOURS,
Bertie soon to be Bertieliscious!


Lindsey said...

It's A all the way for me baby!

Jill Hunt said...

I would love to read about it! It may help me. I desperately want to lose 15 pounds before the summer because I have lots of trips that I have to wear a bathing suit in.

Kaylynne said...

I say A or B. It might be easier to follow if the blog is just devoted to your fitness goals but it might be easier for you to just keep it all on one blog. Whichever.

spenceandcass said...

I say A! I would totally love to know all your fitness secrets!

Morgan said...

A A A!!!! I need some motivation!

herofanfamily said...

Love to see your progress and any help tips you have.

Cheryl said...

I've been out of town but I would love access to your fitness blog.

RHurst said...

Thanks! I would love to know what kind of work out you do. I have tried several different diets and workouts, but I haven't found something that has really worked for me. My friend suggested I try home workouts without weights. I am a little uneasy about it and am not sure how it works, but I would certainly like to learn more.