Friday, March 6, 2009

Need your help!!:)

Since all of you absolutely LOVE me... I have a favor to ask of you!

I submitted a "lazy fitness" tip to Lazy Moms and it has been chosen as one of the top 5! They have now turned the voting over to their readers... and if you vote for me and I win... then I'll get a cute little Lazy Mom's tote bag!!

So what do you say? Go on over to: Lazy Mom's blog, and vote for me! My lazy tip is about sleeping in your gym clothes so that you can just hop right out of bed in the morning and get out the door!

No, I don't want you to read the rest, and truly pick the one you like best- I want you to CHOOSE mine! And I WILL know who you are if you don't...........

Thanks in advance- y'all are the best blogging buds ever---NOW is there anything I can do for you???

ps... you have to kind of hurry- because voting ends Sunday at noon!


Joyce said...

I voted for you because your tip really is the best one!!

Melynda said...

I voted for you!

Lazy Mom Amanda said...

I want to know if you sleep in your sports bra in this scenario???