Sunday, August 19, 2007

Come on ride the train.... the CHOO CHOO train

So, this is a little ongoing from the last post at Brazos. As we were driving around, we decided to stop and play on a little play ground they have there in the camp grounds section. There was this old metal slide (do they even make these anymore?) Anyways, it was long and tall and the kind of slide I grew up with. Anyways, as you know from my previous post, the weather that day was 102 degrees - which I forgot to mention- was actually feeling like 112 degrees with the heat index! So, needless to say- I'm sure the slide was very, very hot--- but my kids did find a way to go down, without burning themselves. As Erin demonstrates in one of the pictures she is using her tennis shoes and her bum to slide down....

I also thought it would be a cool picture to get everyone going down like in a train, after they got used to the "scary, hot metal slide" and I'm not sure if we ever quite made it-- but lots of attempts. Proof of pictures below!

Then there is a picture of Chet running down the slide- being a GREAT example of safety for the kids... and Ethan sliding down, and then getting brave and standing up half way through and jumping off the rest. And for the last picture at the end of the day.... we call this one.... AND THIS IS HOW WE GO HOME:)

disclaimer: So, I'm not sure why my pictures are not in order, but hopefully you can figure it out:)