Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where is Ethan??

This past Saturday we all attended my cousin AJ's baptism. My kids were all asked to sing right before he was baptized. They were asked to sing "I am a Child of God" and so we had practiced quite a bit before that day, so my kids would feel prepared. There are 2 kinds of kids in the world:
1 - A child who loves to get up and perform and doesn't get scared or shy and hams it up! and 2 - a child who is scared to death and won't even go up to the front or stand up in front of a crowd. Well,- guess what.... there is a 3RD kind of child! I did not know this- and I learn something new every day about my kids. All of my kids seem pretty not shy... so they all walked up like normal kids and stood in front of the audience. The piano starts and they start singing everyone sings the first line .... I am a child of God... and that is pretty much all Ethan knows, since he is 3. So, then he has time to look around and think to himself... why are all these people looking at me?? Whoaa... there are a lot of people here... what am I doing?? So, instead of running to me, or out of the room, he simply decides to cover his face! I did not have my camera that night (I was so mad!LOL!) But I did make him cover his face for me, so that ya'll could get a better idea of what he looked like, when he is up there, while the other kids are still singing the rest of the song. He also put them up very slowly, hoping nobody would notice. When we got home, I asked him what he did. He said- I sang I'm a child of God. And i said, " Then what did you do?" to which he replied... "I covered my face because all these people were looking at me and I was scared. " What a cute clown:)