Wednesday, August 1, 2007

why is he not listening to me???

So, Ethan is an amazing kid- he answers every time I call his name. He is very obedient and usually obeys exactly what I say on the first request... so the other night, Erin came into me and told me Ethan was not playing with her. He had turned a movie on, and wanted to watch Care Bears. So, I come out of my room and ask Ethan nicely, if he can play with Erin for just a little bit. He was on his stomach in his room, with his elbows on the ground and his head in his hands. He didn't answer me when I called his name. So, I said it again as I walked closer- and I'm thinking- he always answers- he must REALLY be into Care Bears, or is just plain ignoring me because he doesn't want to play with Erin. So, I go around him and crouch down so he can see my face as i talk and this is what I find! He is sound asleep on his hands-- he was really zonked out- and I had to get a picture because it was too darn funny!