Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Texas Night Sky

Last night around 7:30 we started to hear some thunder, but no sign of any kind of rain or that it was going to rain. I saw the wind picking up and told my kids to go outside and ride their bikes before it turned dark. So, I step outside with them, and I see a beautiful rainbow in the sky, right in my own backyard! It was barely there-- but you could definitely see it. I took a quick snapshot of it and ran back in the house to tell everyone there was a rainbow outside and to hurry and come look at it. They all rushed out and within that time frame some clouds starting to come in so you could still see it, but barely. Then not 5 min. later I go back outside and the sky where the rainbow was, is completely black! I mean black! Then I turn to my right and the sky is orange, as the sun is setting. Then I go out into my front yard, and I see close to clear blue skys as the sun sets. These pictures were taken all about 3 seconds apart.... and you just had to do a quarter turn and you'd see a different sky, kind of like you were in an entirely different place. Pretty cool.... pics are included... 1st is rainbow, 2nd black sky- exactly where the rainbow was a few minutes before, 3rd orange sky, 4th front yard and clearer skies.