Monday, August 6, 2007

Put on your Sunday best kids...WE'RE going to SEARS!

So, this past Sunday I decided to be all fun and dress Dante and Ethan as twins in matching pants, ties, and both with white button up shirts. This is always fun! I also had laid out a dress for Erin that was very pretty and pink- and would match the boys.... but she had plans of her own! After not wanting to wear the dress- even though, everytime she goes away to spend the night somewhere, she will take that dress as her "Sunday dress"- I decided to skip the fight and let her wear the dress she wanted. However, I did tell her, that since I was going to let her wear that dress, then I would get to do her hair however I wanted... which she then went onto say," But Mom!! I don't want a bun!!" Then - Ethan, not really knowing what we are talking about chimes in and says very excitedly, " I want a bun mom! Can I have a bun??" :) Kids- they say the darndest things!