Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1st grader and piano lessons??!!

Dante is now officially a proud 1st grader and has started piano lessons! Dante has a great knack for musical things and is so excited to start playing real songs on the piano. Today was his 1st lesson, and it was only supposed to go for 30 min. but it ended up being about 45 min. because he kept turning the pages and saying, "K- now let's do this one!" He is too cute and his teacher said he is very gung ho about piano:) I have included a picture with Dante and his piano teacher, Mitch Hulet, who is only 13- but he is raved about by many parents and kids love him! Dante is lucky to be one of his students. He only has a handful due to him having his own busy schedule with school and what not, but we are excited to see Dante progress and have fun learning how to play the piano.


Lindsey said...

Cute picture. I teach piano (don't know if you knew that) and I have a first grader little boy. He is also very gung ho and excited! I'm sure he'll do great!

Andrea said...

That's crazy that he is old enough already to take piano lessons. I'm sure he'll do great. I hope you guys are doing well!