Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Severe weather?!

WHAT severe weather??? I have been SOOO excited for the "big" storm that was supposed to blow through today.... and what did it bring- a whoppin' 5 min. of rain! No thunder, no lightning, no hail... NOTHING- just 5 min. of medium pounding rain.

Now- normally this doesn't bug me- I LOVE me a big thunderstorm, but I like a normal rain shower too. The part that irks me- is all over the radio, and all over the news you hear "stay inside, severe weather, possible tornadoes, this is going to be a BIG one folks!"........

and then you get me waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting and for what?? 5 measly minutes of rain- and then it is gone- no sign of it ever having rained, and no sign that it might start storming again later.

It reminded me of the "emotional roller coaster" I had to go through when Hurricane Rita was going to hit. Chet and I had been in New Orleans 2 weeks prior to Hurricane Katrina hitting- and we all know what a disaster that was.... and we were so thankful we did not choose to go that weekend, or else we would have been stuck there too. However- 2 weeks after that was when Rita was supposed to hit Houston- and it was coming right for us. First a weak 2, then 3, then 4, then 5- and before it hit land- it had weakened back to a 3.... and luckily it moved out of our way- but with ALL that emotional roller coaster- of should we leave and move to higher ground- uh,oh- I guess we really can't because traffic is clogged with all 15 million Houstonians trying to get out- and what would normally be a 3 hour trip to Austin or San Antonio is taking people 12 hours... and on the way they are running out of gas, because gas stations are out of gas, etc.... so - we stay put---- and NOT one drop of rain-- we did not get ONE drop! I was sooooo irritated- I was like- I was excited at first when I heard a small hurricane was coming our way- because I made it through hurricane Alicia when I was like 5- and I could do it again. Then as it kept strengthening- I started to get more and more nervous- because of what happened with Katrina-- and then NOTHING, nada, zilch-- all I wanted was a little bit of action- and I got nothing!

Yes- I'm grateful that Hurricane Rita did turn at the last minute... and I guess I'm grateful that a tornado didn't come barreling down on us (even though I never expected that would happen anyway) - but is it too much to ask for a little thunderstorm where I can hunker down and open the blinds and watch it from my bed while reading or watching a scary movie with my hubby??

Oh, well- what can you do! Does this happen to anyone else, or am I just one of a kind- that gets mad at the weather when it doesn't go my way- good or bad!? LOL!


Michelle said...

Same here! Ugh! Weather people drive me crazy! All yesterday they were like, "There's a BIG one coming to San Antonio today!!" So when nothing had happened by the time I was going to bed, I looked at some radars online, and the whole area was CLEAR! And then this morning it finally came with just rain. Turns out the storm was way northwest of us. I think the news weather people just said San Antonio to alarm people and get more viewers! Bum-heads!

Monica said...

I was just bugged because we purposely didn't plan to do any fun outdoor activities today - Spring Break!! - because the weather was supposed to be so bad, but we totally could have done anything we wanted!! And now it's getting cold...so it'll probably be a few days before it's nice warm outside weather again!

Anonymous said...

Rain has been forecast here ever since last Wednesday. Has it rained even once? No. No, it hasn't.

I think I was supposed to visit you guys when Hurricane Rita hit and ended up cancelling the trip because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get home. I'm still upset about that one.

Gretchen said...

I'm totally with you. I was all waiting yesterday for storms and was sorely disappointed. I love me a thunderstorm.

Monica said...

Scratch my comment about the cold weather today - it has been absolutely GORGEOUS!!!