Monday, March 17, 2008

Sometimes I only WISH I could see like Raven

Oh, SNAP! I wonder how much easier my life would be, if I could get just a glimpse into the future of my day. For instance:

It seems like EVERY time- and I mean EVERY time I get ALL caught up on laundry.... someone starts throwing up- and it is like I just have to start all over again. If I could see in the future- would I even DO laundry- if I knew someone was just going to be throwing up all over my "so fresh and so clean" laundry??

Or... when I'm VERY CLOSE to being caught up on my laundry (after the person is done finally throwing up on everything) - would I be smart enough to fold it right away... if I KNEW Erin and Ethan would decide it would be fun to mix the clean with the dirty- so that they could have a bigger jumping pile to jump in?? Or, would I "see" that in the future and be like- have at it with the dirty ones before I wash them- because once they are washed, they are washed- and there will be NO jumping after that point??

Or..... today while I'm catching up on all my cleaning after a CRAZY weekend- where I literally didn't have a chance to even wash ONE dish... and Chet was so kind to take all the kids to "Horton Hears a Who" and to the park so that I could get everything nice and clean without any interruptions...... would I have had a better attitude when I opened the fridge and the bottom bar on the door breaks off for NO good reason, where I keep all my salad dressings and other fun glass bottles, and they all decide to fall onto the tile floor and break and so I had Worcestershire sauce, raspberry vinaigrette, honey mustard dressing, and a cilantro based dressing all splattered and quickly spreading all over my kitchen within the grout of the tile- and it wasn't pretty!! Luckily- my kids were gone- so they weren't trying to play slip-n-slide with the mixed dressings- because they did look very inviting. But- if I had seen all that happening in my near future- would I have had a better attitude because I would expect it- or would I have prevented it and just thrown all the bottles away ahead of time??

Sometimes I seriously wonder how different our lives would play out, if we could just have little glimpses into the future. But I guess that is just so Raven and NOT SOO BERTIE!


Katie said...

I feel like I am constantly doing laundry too!

Monica said...

A day in the life of a mom!!! We've all had those days - and wished we could've seen it coming! At least you somehow managed to have a fun attitude about it all. :)