Monday, March 3, 2008

AWWWWW......Can you feel it.........

Spring is in the air!! (In Houston at least) I love the months of March/April for SO many reasons! Let's just go through and start listing them.

1. I'm excited for ALL these fun colors to come BACK into season. There is just something about these colors that seems to make everything bright and happy.

This morning I got Dante's outfit ready for him to wear, and I chose a pink polo- and when I gave him his clothes for the day and said, "Get dressed!" He goes, " MOOOMM!! I DO NOT HAVE to wear a pink shirt, do I??" Such a good boy to ask- and I figured "mom dressing him days are over;( "

2. The BEACH!!! And just wonderfully sunny, warm days in general!
Yes, that is right folks! As of March 1st the beach is NOW officially open for business! Whoo-hoo:)

Which brings me to:

3. Swimsuits and laying out and getting ready for the SUMMER!

Seriously- I LOVE these tankini's! They are so cute- and they are very modest:) Check them out!

Which leads me to:

4. Exercise!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get out and exercise- especially when the weather is sooo beautiful. We don't have it long, before the summer heat hits us, and we are banned from running outside, unless you want to die of heat stroke... but until then I'll revel in it!:)

5. I love seeing the trees change back from drab to fab! And how fabulous it is to run underneath them, with the wind blowing in your hair! These are the days you NEVER want to end:)

6. EASTER!!!

Easter is by far my absolute favorite holiday! As you can see I have changed my background to easter eggs! I love the whole Easter Egg hunt and Easter bunny and all the fun activities that come along with it(and yes, you can find me Easter morning, fighting my kids for the Easter Eggs- I'm a very serious and competitive Easter Egg hunter!!:)) But most of all- I LOVE the meaning of Easter, and how we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ! I love knowing that and knowing that we will be resurrected one day too, and live with Him! I just LOVE Easter and ALL that it entails!

So, HAPPY SPRING to ALL and if you ever need a warm, sunny place to visit- my doors are ALWAYS open:)


the smoots said...


I'm so glad that the weather is nice there, and I'm SO glad for your optimism and enthuiasum. It's contagious! Thank you for such a cheerful post!

Lindsey said...

I love spring too! I'm so excited it's getting a teeny bit warmer here!