Saturday, March 8, 2008

Smart or not? You tell me!

This afternoon I was a little exhausted. I told my kids that I was going to lay down for a little nap and to be good. While I was taking my nap, I would hear "1,2,3,4 all the way to 10". I knew my kids were playing hide and seek, and I love it when they play all together without having to be bribed:)

I was continuing to enjoy my afternoon nap, with the sun streaming in through the window, knowing my kids were having fun when all of a sudden I hear laughing and running and someone jumps into bed with me and pulls the cover over their heads. It was Erin. She had chosen a pretty clever hiding place, because I was already in the bed under the covers and she kind of morphed into my body, so that the boys would think that it was just me.

The boys enter the room and start to feel my legs, is that you mom or Erin? I was like- that's me. Then they left and kept looking for her. Finally they found her- and she had to come out from under the covers. Now it was Ethan's turn to hide. Where does Ethan decide to hide?

Yes- that is right- as soon as I started to settle in again, into my nap- Ethan jumps on top of me, underneath the covers and hides on top of me. I'm thinking- he is SOOO going to get caught right away- and WHY can't I take a nap:) Forever seems to go by- and Dante and Erin didn't even think to check the bed. Finally- Ethan couldn't stand it and he gave up his hiding place! He felt he was missing out.

Onto Dante's turn! Dante is pretty big! He weighs about 70 pounds and is nearing 48 inches- if he isn't there already. So, I hear Ethan and Erin start to count and then I hear Dante running. Again, I settle into my nap- thinking they won't hide here again! Thank goodness. Then PLOP! Dante jumps on top of me- oh, sorry mom- I didn't know you were right there?!?! Me then thinking to myself - Really?? You didn't know I was right here? AMAZING!!

I'm thinking- ok- Erin and Ethan will look here first because this is apparently the best hiding place in town! Nope! I was wrong- it was the last place they looked and when I was just thinking they were going to forget about him and give up- Erin and Ethan jump on top of ME- hoping they were going to jump on Dante and "scare" him! "Oh, sorry Mom- we thought you were Dante!"

So, I'm thinking that they are pretty smart to hide in the place of the previous guy, thinking that the previous guy won't look in his hiding place because he already hid there.

However, I'm also thinking they are a little dumb for not knowing I was in the bed?? Really?? Honestly?? You had NO CLUE I was in the bed?? Hmmmmm......



Monica said...

That is hilarious Bertie!! That Dante is a CHARACTER! They all are!

Katie said...

sorry you didn't get a nap, that is too funny!

Avery's mommy said...

WOW! i think we will wait a LONG time till having a 3rd! lol

Andrea said...

Kids are so funny. So much for the nap, right?