Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tis' the season for Easter Egg Hunts and TEXAS pride!

All I can say is WHAT a weekend! I don't think I had a chance to sit down once. Whew!

We hit 2 Easter Egg hunts and then hit the rodeo for 5 hours on Sat.

I'm so mad that my camera is pretty much busted and I didn't take a spare, so no pictures of my kids- but you can enjoy this one of some random kids I found on the internet:)
Friday night we went up to Pearland to an Easter Egg Hunt, and the kids had a lot of fun. They were mad that their baskets weren't bigger, so for the next one we made sure to bring the SUPER big baskets! Which didn't really work out in the end, because they got like 500000 eggs from the first hunt in their small baskets, and when they had their big ones, they were only allowed like 10- so it kind of hurt more then it helped! We went to a 2nd Easter Egg hunt Saturday morning from 11:00 - 2:00 and we ALL walked away with some sun on our faces!! Which means we ALL have a little bit of color now:) I love having a little bit of color in our house. As soon as the 2nd Easter egg hunt was over- we headed over to the

which is HUGE here and is the biggest rodeo in ALL the world! If you EVER come to Houston- you have to plan your trip around the rodeo - it goes for about 3 weeks! It is awesome! We saw

Mr. Brad Paisley perform. There is just something about the Rodeo, where you are inside Reliant Stadium with 73,000 other people and when Brad started singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas" and he would stop- but the crowd would keep singing and it just boomed and we would sound like the BIGGEST choir ever--- it was just awesome!! It is all about Texas pride!! I LOVE being a Texan:)

After that- we decided to go to the carnival which had about 130,000 people walking around and my flip flop decides to break on the 1st ride, so I was walking with one off and one on for the next 2 hours- I looked REALLY cool! Then Chet decides to leave to go get some food while I was waiting in line with the kids- he thought he would be back in time to ride- well he was WRONG- luckily my dad happened to be there just at that moment- and I begged him to go on the ride with me and the kids- because I wasn't allowed to ride with all 3, they needed another adult- and so my dad- very nicely came on the ride that makes him sick, and that he vowed never to ride again- sucked it up- and rode for his grandchildren! What a sweet man!:)

It was a lot of fun- it was a beautiful night- it had been a pretty hot day- I think it got up to 87- which is unusual for this time of year.... but the evening was so pleasant. Then, we headed home- and made the long 7 thousand mile trek back to our car.... because ALL the parking was sold out at the actual stadium and surrounding areas-- next time we will know to spend the night in our car at the parking ticket booth, and be first in line. The kids did not complain once about that long walk- which I was really pleasantly surprised about. It was a very fun- on the GO- weekend, and now I have to hunker down and get things back to order inside:)

I'm looking forward to some much needed pool and beach time this Spring Break! Whoo-hoo:)


Jenn W said...

I miss the Rodeo! However, I don't miss the Houston weather. We're just starting to warm up here and it's great.

How nice of your dad to go on the barfy ride! What a great grandpa!

erinannie said...

Aw man! I used to LOVE going to the Houston Rodeo. My favorite was driving to work one morning and seeing a wagon train tromping along on the other side of the highway from me.
I never once had to buy a ticket (at the Dome) to get into the Rodeo. I got all my tickets for free. I saw Reba McEntire, Julio Iglesias, George Strait, Brooks and Dunn, and a few other people all perform there.
Every year I tell myself I'm going to find an excuse to be in Houston at that time. Now I'm thinking I should just go down for the Rodeo and go to 6 Flags and Galveston. It would be the perfect vacation.

Katie said...

how fun! i love brad paisley... sounds like you had a really great weekend!