Sunday, March 2, 2008

Something for Sunday, and something to remember!

The video below was submitted to the LDS Film Festival this year, and it was produced and directed by Paul Hunt, one of my friend's husbands (Jill and Paul on the right hand side of my blog). They were both gracious enough to allow me to share the video on my blog with all of you. This video is amazing and it had me in tears pretty quickly:) I thought it would be very appropriate for Sunday and to share a little about what I believe to my readers, who may not be of my faith. I'm LDS and we believe that families can be together forever. It is just such a neat video and reminds us to hug the people we love a little tighter each day!:) Enjoy and Happy Sunday!

(you'll also want to pause my music on the right, so you can hear the short clip)


Staub Family said...

What a great video clip. Thanks for sharing.