Friday, December 19, 2008


My old calling before Beehive Adviser, was nursery leader-- and I LOVED it! I was in there for a year, and with ALL 18 month olds, except Ethan- who was the oldest and 3. This past Sunday I was able to go and sub in nursery for the 1st hour before YW's and I can't believe my kids are EVEN talking! It is crazy, when you ask them what they want, and they actually TELL you. I still expect these kids to be 18 months old:)

I will always love these little kiddos! They were so cute, and I let them draw on the chalk board for a little bit, just to mix some things up (and because they asked) ... and it was the CUTEST thing!!

Here are 4 of my old nursery kids drawing "their moms" and Robby is drawing a spider. It was HILARIOUS to listen into their conversations. Anytime, one of them would erase part of their picture, and would accidentally erase part of the person next to them's picture.... you would hear, "HEY! You messed up MY MOM!" Then that child would pick up the eraser and erase that child's picture so he could keep drawing and the saga would continue. Just hilarious!

Here is cute little Lauren next to her interpretation of her mom:)

Preston and Chloe had a debate going on, with whose mom had the longest legs!

Preston: My mom has really long legs!

Chloe: Hey, MY mom has really long legs!

Preston: No, MY MOM has really, REALLY long legs!

What do you think?

(Preston and his mom above, Chloe and her mom below)

As much as I loved my 18 month olds, they did not love me back "outside" of the nursery. Anytime I would see them at the park, and would go say hi- they would start crying, because they were pretty much scared they were going to be left with me AGAIN!

NOW-- I've told you about the cute little boy that I watch on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Bray-Bray) as my kids call him... and he had not been over for a few weeks because school was out. However, I saw him on church on Sunday, with another couple tending him... and I was so excited to see him and went to go say hi-- and what did he do?? Starts turning his head and trying to pull the girl with him to get away from me as FAST as he could! LOL!

Well, I had him hear again yesterday- and this is what I get for asking him if he "missed me"

Oh, well! At least they love me when they HAVE to be left with me:)
( and is he not super cute too??!!)


Anonymous said...

I love how he tries to shove the whole cookie in his mouth as soon as you suggest taking it away from him.

Kaylynne said...

Robert used to run from his babysitter when we would see her at church. Now that he doesn't go to her house anymore he is always asking to go.

Oh and you are a much better person then me. I have two weeks left in nursery and I am counting down the days.

spenceandcass said...

You LOVE nursery? Are you feeling alright? You are such a better person than I am!

Amber Staub said...

Such a cute post about the nursery kids. I guess I lose the contest for longest legs. I will have to work with Chloe on that one so maybe next time I can come in first.