Monday, December 8, 2008

Dispelling Rumors

I have been asked some questions recently by more than a few people- and I thought I might want to just clear up any confusion:)

1. Are you pregnant?

Unfortunately, I'm not pregnant- I would be SO happy if I could say that I was, but I'm not. My nausea was simply from being "just sick" and I don't get nausea during pregnancy anyhow. I may have a little growing belly, but that is just from eating too much junk! I would love to use the excuse of pregnancy right about now:)

2. Are you moving?

Nope, again. We are not moving. We were seriously considering moving closer to Chet's work near the temple due to gas prices being at 4 bucks a gallon, and even picked out a few houses, but now that they are coming down, it is not as high a priority, it is still a "maybe" but we would much prefer to stay exactly where we are- unless it is California, which is still a little out of reach for us. We love our home here, the friends we have made, being SO close to family, the schools!- and I know a lot of you have shed tears over the thought of us moving- but dry your eyes, as we will be here for a while longer:) YEAH!!

3. Are you always so on top of things?

Yeah, who asked me this question?? I may look like I'm on top of things sometimes- but usually it is only if I have a deadline, and even then it is last minute. If I was on top of things - do you think I would have had to throw out my real Christmas tree and bring in my fake one, due to me not watering it?? Yes- I had it for about 2 weeks and now it is dead:( ... and I still have 3 weeks before Christmas. But- it took me 15 min. to set up the fake one- so we are all good! We will wait and see if and when the kids and Chet notice:)

Here are the pics to prove how pathetic I am sometimes:) Real, now DEAD tree above and the fake tree below! Thank heavens the real tree was for free. My mom sent my sister to pick out trees for her house, and she came back with an ugly one- so my mom gave that one to us! LOL! And now it's dead:( Oh, well- what can you do?? (Don't answer, water it, please:))
4. Do you have implants??

Do I really have to answer that question? I mean come on, it is called a push-up, PADDED bra from Frederick's of Hollywood and it works wonders!! There was a while when I wanted implants, but now I'm flat and proud:) Serious- AA never looked SO good! LOL! I'm bringing it back- I mean if you think about it, look at the direction of cell phones and tv's, and other gadgets smaller and flatter is better! (when I told Chet this, he said I should be a stand-up comedian!) I know, RIGHT!!:)

5. I will now open up my blog to any other questions you may have- I will dispel any rumors and let you know if they are true or not.



Monica said...

I didn't know you were even considering moving -- as much as your friend in SL would cry their eyes out, I would JUMP FOR JOY if you moved closer to the temple, because that's close to where WE live!! You could even move into our awesome ward. :)

I know you're not considering moving anymore, but if you ever do...just some food for thought!!!

herofanfamily said...

So you say your married to the most amazing man in the world, that he is your Edward and many other wonderful things. I just can't believe this to be true, because I have that exact man at my home, how could we possibly both have the perfect guy at home, isn't there only one of them, or as some might say, that man doesn't exisit at all. Well, anyway, if you could give me some proof of this claim i would be ever so grateful, because if you do have the best guy around, I'll have to kick Todd in the butt.
I really could think of any questions to ask of you that you could answer for me, so I thought it would be fun to throw that one in. I just have enjoy reading your blogs, they are always full fun and laughs. You make life good for you and those around you.

herofanfamily said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to put that I love #4 about the implants. As 'm losing my weight, I am losing way to quickly there. I'm already a B the smallest I've ever been, and I've only lost half my weight. My sister lost everything, she jokes that the only reason she wore a barely A was from the skin. So I might be helping you promote the smaller and flater the better!LOL!

Stephanie said...

You crack me up. Does Chet not work at that furniture store anymore? I really liked that place, if only I had a house big enough and a budget to afford it all. Glad to have a flat chested friend who won't be moving.

spenceandcass said...

I am laughing out loud right now! Gee.....I wish someone would ask me if I had implants!

Amber Staub said...

Funny post. I loved reading it. I too am so glad you're not moving!

Bertie said...

Mon- you will be the 1st to know if we move near you- because we will def. want to be in YOUR ward:)

Kristy- This is a tough one- Todd does draw super hero characters and has created a comic for your super hero family- so I would have to call it a tie in this instant- I think Edward must have a twin that isn't talked about in the book!

Steph- Chet does still work at Rooms to Go, but he is now the manager of the outlet in Champions, so he has to drive out their for work, instead of just being 10 min. away. I miss him being that close:(

Thanks for commenting too Amber and Cassie

And last but not least- FLAT GIRLS UNITE:)

I'm glad you all enjoyed reading my post!