Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SNOW---- Say What?!?!

Yes, TODAY it SNOWED! In TEXAS! It usually only snows about once every 10 years, but we have been lucky, and this is the 2nd time in 3 years, it has snowed in Houston. It is crazy talk- and a very nice surprise to us all. The above picture is Chet, because this is what he thinks of going to the mall during the Christmas season! Just kidding- he was just picking his nose for the heck of it- now I know where Ethan gets it from:)

So, like I said we were at the mall enjoying our yummy

and drinking our creamy

when we heard it was snowing... so we had to run outside and see for ourselves, and sure enough... it was SNOWING! Here are the pics and some video to prove it!

And when we had gotten home, it was on our ROOF! Oh, how I wanted to get up there and make snow angels, but the kids warned me that, that would be VERY dangerous... so I had to obey like a good little mommy!

The snow and the super cold weather got the kids in that extra Christmas spirit, so much so, that when they were fighting today- and when I told them- that I would let them have FREE reign of our Christmas tree and decorating it- they were ALL for it, and worked as a team and created a masterpiece!

I think they did a pretty darn good job- and I love how just the lower half is decorated because they couldn't reach the top half. I will admit I did put the angel on the top of the tree, because I had to do my part- but other then that, the kids did it all! It was so cute to see them put the ribbon on, Erin would cut the ribbon to what she thought was a good size- and then she would take one end and then Ethan would take the other end, and they would both then say 1...2....3 and they would rush to the tree together to wrap it around each side! Dante was the person who let them know if it was centered or not! It was too funny- I should have taped it:)

Oh, Christmas time! What a joyous time of year:)

ps- for the girls who asked me a question from my below post- I have now posted my comments in that comment section regarding your questions:)


Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I love the tree, and I love the snow pics!