Sunday, March 15, 2009

We're going to the RADIO!!

That is what Ethan calls "The Rodeo" The RADIO! Friday night my mom had 4 tickets to the radio- so Chet and I took Ethan and Dante with us to see the fun radio action... and Clint Black. It was a lot of fun! (Erin was compensated by getting to spend the night with fun Aunt Emily and Grandma!)

Here are the manly men of the house- with horseback riders doing what they do best.... horseback riding.(in the background)Here is the CUTEST couple EVER! With some more kind of riding going on in the background?!Here are what are boys really love to do.... RUN AROUND IN THE BLEACHERS DISTURBING EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG..... while people are trying to watch the rodeo action... and in their defense.... there were probably only about 15 people in our section and the 3 sections next to us... yeah- we had AWESOME seats! (but in all seriousness, I am grateful for getting to go--- it just wasn't the 2nd row seats I was used to in high school when our family had "the hook up")...but then the guy turned 97 and died, so his season tickets were no longer ours to use. (I was really sad...for the man- and the tickets)This picture KILLED me! I was trying to get everyone to smile and look at me... and this is what I got! It was SO funny! The Mutton Bustin' was just too fun to look away from! Next year- Ethan will be front and center on that one!And here is Clint Black rockin out!

It was a great fun night- freezing cold and rainy-- but how can you NOT have fun at the Houston Rodeo??

We are going back this week, during spring break, but just to go to the carnival and Livestock Show-- this time the weather will be perfect:) More pics then!