Friday, February 29, 2008


1st off: I made about 20 bucks today on my google ads through adsense- which is not bad AT ALL, for hardly lifting a finger;)

2nd off: Ethan is doing much better- I would say A LOT better. In fact, he is doing so well- that after dinner he asked (in ALL seriousness) for a cup of milk so that he could throw up in the bucket. Don't ask me what he was thinking- but the next thing I knew him and Erin were laughing so hard- that if they were drinking milk- it would have been coming out their noses!!

Needless to say- he did not get any milk:)


Jill Hunt said...

Paul said that is totally fine if you want to put his short film on your blog. I am glad you liked it!


Monica said...

How does that adsense work?! That sounds so cool - I want $20 for not raising a finger! :)

Sonja said...

Hi Bertie!
It's been a while and I"m catching up. I'm glad that every one is feeling better. That story about Ethan was too funny. He sounds like me--someone who has to learn the hard way.

I think you are terrific and love to read what you and your family are up to. =)