Monday, November 3, 2008

Seriously... I gave BIRTH to Spider Man!

(This is future Ethan above.)

Sometimes I don't know WHAT is going through Ethan's head. My other 2 were out of their climbing up on everything stage- by the time they were at least 4! Ethan- seems to only be getting more and more daring as he gets older- no matter what the consequences may be. He must get an instant thrill out of being up high. I'm pretty much used to it now, and know that he will pretty much climb up anything that can be climbed, and what you think can't be climbed- he somehow manages that too.

Today he seemed to be all over the place- but nothing unusual. He would climb up a ladder at this store and then scale up a row of shelves at the next store, and then onto a WHOLE new level of climbing- that I have seen before- but not in an OPEN parking lot! We were leaving the store and I was with my mom (who is such a good sport to go shopping with us), and Ethan just goes and sits on the hood of a random car. My mom tells him, not to do that because that is someone else's car... and we don't want to hurt it. We both turn around and start walking towards the car and I turn around to make sure Ethan is coming... and I find him Standing like a super hero ON TOP of another random car's roof! I mean- in TWO seconds!!! In a parking lot- I was about to die of humiliation... not necessarily because he had climbed up to the roof of a car, I had seen him do it to our own car before and Aunt Christie's truck.... but a RANDOM car, in which the owner can come running out of any one of the stores around, and telling me I need to control my child (to which- you can't control spider man! Believe me- I try my best- and it can't be done- he literally is out to save the world and he is just in practice right now... and I have tried everything) However- I do think he is done climbing up on top of cars for a long time!! Luckily no one came running out- but an onlooker pulling into the parking lot, just stopped and couldn't stop staring... to which my eyes NEVER met theirs- because I KNOW what would be in that person's eyes- "You are a crazy mother, ma'am!" but the funnest part was getting Ethan down- he can run like an Olympic sprinter- and so he would go from one end to the other end- and I would be trying to catch him- I mean- I CAN'T climb on top of the car and get him- so I look like this freak playing a game with some kid on top of a car for kicks! I just wish I had a video camera-- it would be funny to look back on! It was at least funny for my mom- she was in the car laughing the whole time!! Crazy- crazy boy! :)


Shauna said...

Boys are awesome :)