Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend update!

This weekend went by SO much better then last weekend- in fact, my kids were SO good, it didn't seem as though I had kids- they were like mini adults. (besides the broken window due to Ethan playing baseball in the house, and the shattered fan light due to Ethan throwing my exercise ball up and down in his room) But- we will only focus on the positive:) )

Friday was the last day of school for a week before Thanksgiving! YEAH!! So, with that came a lot of the fun festivities.

Isn't Ethan the cutest little pilgrim man you have ever seen? I told him we were saving it for Halloween next year! (he gave me a MOOOMMM! look)

Here is Ethan singing along with his class. The photos aren't great, because my camera is being difficult- BUT- I have news for that later!
Ethan did great singing at first, but with each picture I took, the more reclusive he became....
and then practically tears! I think he knows what pictures are really meant for! Embarrassment later on in life:)
Here is my Ethan right before the big Thanksgiving feast, with YUMMY chic-fil-a nuggets:) Who could ask for more??

Erin's dance recital was later on that evening. This is her 2nd year of dancing- and this group of girls is SO cute! All the girls were asked to wear a pink leotard, and when I told Erin to get her pink one on- she decided she wanted to wear black. She was the only one wearing black---
So, I joked around and called her the Swan in Swan lake- she really is dressed differently to stand out- because she is the best! LOL! I mean- notice the different shoes she is wearing- They are like what little dutch girls where in Holland or ballet slippers made for GIANTS-- while everyone else is wearing ballet shoes- my girl is just special like that!:)
The did 2 cute ballet numbers and then 1 hip hop routine! Here are 2 of the dances! The 1st one is the 2nd ballet routine- and only about half of it and then the next one is the hip hop routine and the full version! (sorry for the grainy quality- but it was the video recorder on my digital camera-- but it works!)

So cute- and it is amazing to think, that all great dancers started at the same stage:) Right now- they are cute- and they sure are getting better with each season!

After Erin's recital we had to rush over to Dante's end of the season soccer party- and let me tell you- those boys were in heaven!! They won their division in the whole league and they also won the fall shoot out or tournament whichever you decide to call it! Dante had a blast playing and we will be back for more next season!

Then they had........

Video games galore.............
And pizza! Lots and LOTS of pizza!I'm sure you couldn't tell in this picture what Dante had for dinner- because Dante is a VERY clean eater.... I'm so sad he gets that from me!:) But none the less- he is dirty and proud to be a gold medal soccer player!

After Dante's soccer party- we had to leave in a rush so I could go and pick up the babysitter for my girls night out with Melynda and there were also a ton of other women from our tri-ward building- and to go see Twilight! That will be a post of its own..tomorrow! You are going to LOVE it- my post will be the REAL DEAL!

And for a spiritual Sunday bit - I leave with a quote from Joseph B. Wirthlin's talk "Live in Thanksgiving Daily" found here. (I really enjoyed the talk and recommend you read it before Thanksgiving if you can)

"Gratitude turns a meal into a feast and drudgery into delight. It softens our grief and heightens our pleasure. It turns the simple and common into the memorable and transcendent. It forges bonds of love and fosters loyalty and admiration. Living in thanksgiving daily is a habit that will enrich our lives and the lives of those we love."


herofanfamily said...

Cute, cute, all of them cute! You have a fun, crazy busy life it appears.