Monday, November 24, 2008

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My Twilight Review!

I thought it was ok. I had heard from my sisters, who have read each and every book of the 4 series- a total of 40 times each (I'm NOT exaggerating) that they absolutely HATED it! They thought the acting was bad, they thought that the added parts that weren't in the book were dumb, and then took some of the book stuff out that should have been in it. So- I guess that it is a good thing-because then I went into it thinking it was going to be AWFUL! Of course- because I was expecting it to be terrible- it wasn't. It wasn't AMAZING- but it was good! I mean, you had your teeny boppers screaming at EVERY thing imaginable- and it was like a light would go off, and all of them knew when to scream at the SAME exact time! I would miss the que I guess, because when I was ready to scream- their screams all died down. EVERY TIME!

Ok- so I won't delve too much into the movie- because for the most part is was good. I wouldn't see if over and OVER again- But it was worth it to see it in theaters. But I will tell you a few of my favorite things!

Favorite Character:

Jasper- Hands down! He was AWESOME! Seriously- his face was like the above picture during the WHOLE movie- I think I saw him open his mouth once or twice and was in SHOCK when he did! I mean- HOW do you play a role where you make a ridiculous looking face- and NOT laugh?? I would be laughing like a CRAZY person, if I had to play that role! He was by FAR the best actor to be able to pull that off! He also reminded me of a certain someone:

Anybody? Anybody? Did he NOT remind you of Edward Scissorhands? With the whole eyebrow and pursed lips thing?

All the other characters were fine for their parts- but when I heard the movie was coming out, I had hoped that they would get Jason Behr to play Edward! Maybe next time!

Favorite Quote:

I have to say my favorite quote in the whole movie was during the scene in the hospital after James beat up Bella pretty bad, and then bit her wrist. The conversation took place between Bella and her dear, sweet, GULLABLE mother!

"Bella, honey. You fell down 2 flights of stairs, and OUT a window!"

Now, I know that lots of people have told me that it is what they said in the book- but I think it was a flight of stairs and not 2-- but in anycase- even if it was verbatum from the book-- ummm... helloo?? How do you fall down TWO flights of stairs?? They are either criss crossing each other, or if they are going in the same direction- there is usually a landing before the next one starts-- AND please tell me WHERE- if this 2 flights of stairs is possible to fall down- WHAT place puts a window at the bottom of a flight of stairs anyways? I mean, usually if there is a window there, it isn't touching the floor- there is wall before the window- and usually a window seal?

But hey, I guess if we live in a fantasy world of vampires and warewolves... then I guess falling down 2 flights of stairs and flying out a window is ENTIRELY possible!

But- it totally made me laugh- especially the last bit, and the way the mom said, "and out a window? " Her emphasis on that cracked me up! Like-Bella girl- you be crazy!!

Over all I give it 3.5 stars on a 5 scale!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the Edward Scissorhands thing! The only difference between your review and mine is that I can't wait to see it again! I need to come up with a good excuse!

Dave and Jana said...

See I loved it! Even though it was a bit cheesey at parts, I loved it! That's funny about the stairs thing! So true!

Chris and Sally said...

I have not seen the movie and I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself because everyone and their mother has seen it so I read the book again. When I got to the part about the stairs and the window I had the same kind of response, "How could that ever happen?" I even went back to re-read it and see if it made more sense. It didn't.

Katie said...

I thought Jasper was creepy too...and I'm pretty sure in the book he at least said one word!! I agree with your review totally!