Monday, November 10, 2008

A Tip from one mother to another!

Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT feed your child chili, or any of your children chili, if one of your children has experienced throwing up in the past 24 hours! Even if the child seems to be getting better- DO NOT feed him chili--- because then you will have not only HIM throwing up from after midnight, but you will now ALSO have your other little boy throwing up chili. Thrown up chili gives "blowing chunks" a WHOLE new meaning!!

Then you will have to clean up off your carpet- hamburger meat- that didn't even have time to digest, really, smeared in that really yummy gooey stuff that helps to break it down. And you will have to clean it up multiple times. It was the best when I walked into the bathroom to rub Dantes back- and found myself sloshing through, what seemed like a BIG bucket of slimed down hamburger meat. (this is saying a lot about what chili does to you- because Dante is a PRO-puker! but- not with chili)

Yes- I cleaned it up right away- because I didn't want my house smelling like throw up, when I had to get up in 4 hours. But the 2nd time around- when it happened in a bedroom- I said, forget it- moved the boys to a different room, shut the door to the previous room and quarantined it off to make it odorless- so I could sleep in peace.

That was the end of the throwing up extravaganza, until Ethan came up to me this morning to tell me he wanted chili for breakfast... I gave him yogurt instead, and so far so good! Both boys are doing ok- but that is what I thought the day before and once the night it all hit once again. What is it about the night?!

Erin got off easy, she always seems to get off easy, maybe that is because she never eats anything- so she never has anything to throw up. Who knows- but she was happy to go to school.

So, I've learned my lesson and now I'm passing it onto all of you!


(aren't my 2 cute boys so nice and quiet when they are down?)
That is all.

Carry on with your day.

Don't worry! Be happy!

Until my next helpful tip:)


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Thank You! I ♥ tips :)

Rhonda said...

ahhh! What a good mom you are. Thanks for the tip! Ruby throws up all of the time (poor thing) but at least it is just baby food and milk. I can't imagine chili- gross!!!

Melynda said...

Oh, Bertie. Sorry about your boys' troubles!

Peachblossm said...

So sorry to hear about that adventure.

Thanks for all your sweet comments! You are a doll!

Jenn said...

I read this yesterday and laughed. Today, I've got a barfer. Regurgitated oatmeal is gross too. Luckily, my kids usually make it to the toilet. Something that I'm very, very grateful for.