Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ready.... Get Set.... RUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

That is what our kids did under our command for about 3 hours last night trick-or- treating for some MUCH needed Halloween candy.

It all started that morning before school- with a scrumptious breakfast of "orange pumpkin" Belgian waffles, with chocolate chips to boot! I needed these kids to have LOTS of energy for the trick-or- treating marathon they were going to have to endure that night. However, what I thought would have been a "fun" Halloween breakfast, Ethan wanted an orange pumpkin pancake, and Erin didn't want chocolate chips or whip cream on her waffle-- but alas, I had already made them all, so I had to make 2 more for the picky little eaters- and Ethan just had to make due with a plain waffle.

Dante on the other hand told Ethan and Erin - he would eat theirs AND that they should just be greatful for what I gave them, because I got up super early to make this nice surprise Halloween breakfast for them and they should JUST eat it..... (and I'm thinking- is that really coming out of my son's mouth?) WOW! He is starting to mature... and I'm going to start crying:)

Then after school it was on like Donkey Kong and they got on their costumes and the rest IS history!

Here they are in their cute little costumes out of character! Take note: I told the kids to go get their Halloween buckets- and Ethan grabs his Easter basket because it is bigger and will hold more candy!

Here they are, once again IN character. Erin has a cute little poodle skirt on- and I'm sad you can't see the poodle because her bucket is in the way.
Here they are at some one's door, you can't really see them- but they looked so cute waiting. Chet was HARDCORE-- and they first trick-or-treated for a couple of hours around different neighborhoods- but the last hour, because lights were starting to go off, due to people running out of candy, Chet had the kids jump in the car- and we would drive to the next house and then yell- k - RUN!!! And they would all run out of the car as fast as they could- then run back into the car as fast as they could and we would go down to the next house with its light on. THREE hours of trick-or-treating got the kids LOTS of candy!
And tuckered Ethan OUT! Poor guy would run as fast as he could too the house- but once the candy was dropped into his bucket, he would slowly saunter back to the car, forget where he was, or stumble and fall like a drunk person-- it was SO funny! I wish I had, had a video camera.Here is some of the candy from last night- and the kids have been eating it ALL day! The rest is still in the car-- we forgot to get Dante's bucket/pillowcase out of the car. The kids had SO much fun- and after trick-or-treating we got back to the house around 10, picked up a pizza on our way home- and watched the Great Pumpkin Patch ALL together-- what a GREAT night!

Here are some other pictures from the previous week- and the kids decorating sugar cookies, that we meant to give away- but you know me-- I don't give anything away! I do have good intentions though, and it is the thought that counts:) Ethan also wants you to know that he is standing like a soldier, that is his pose in this pictured! He goes, Mom- when you blog about this, tell them I was standing like a soldier!
And just in case you were wondering- they were DELICIOUS!! Sorry we ate them for you!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween:) Don't you love my background- it is too cute- and I don't want to take it down yet, but I will as soon as I find an equally cute fall or Thanksgiving one!


Shauna said...

What cute costumes! Love the pictures :)