Thursday, November 20, 2008

The exciting and even MORE exciting stuff!

I would say not so exciting stuff- but really, when you have kids- nothing is boring! NOTHING!! Boring is when you have perfect clothes to put in a washing machine, where you do not have to pre-treat them with stain remover- they always seem to know how to spruce up life-- in every way imaginable.

I'll start off with last weekend. I knew last weekend was going to make for a busy weekend- but mainly Saturday.

Friday night Christie brought her main squeeze down to meet the fam and we went to Pappasito's!

Seriously- I could have their fajita's all day long and NEVER get tired of them! They are simply the BEST- and if you are EVER in Texas- you need to go to Pappasito's, or else you are going to miss out big time! Then Chet and I caught the opening night of:

It was pretty good- but Casino Royale was better. Chet said that he is becoming an old man because the action scenes were too fast- and he had no idea how one man ended up dead and another one ended up blown up here and there.... it was like out of the blue he said... I agreed (he is getting old!) Just kidding honey! Not really, for those of you youngun's you can still read this small:)

Then it was off to bed, to get up early for 3 soccer games and a soccer party and then Christie's family birthday dinner.

It was awesome that I woke up nauseous. I LOVE that! But- since Chet had to go into work- and it was Ethan's very last game of the season and team party and it was also Dante's end of the season tournament (and he was going to be missing Sunday's games) I felt like I had to take them!

As you can see Ethan is wearing his trusty BYU sweatshirt (mainly because his coach was a baller for Wyoming, so we like to tease him!) It was a cold day!! (for Houston)The kids were trying to huddle together to stay warm and kick the ball as a group when it came. Strategy wasn't that effective.

Ethan TOTALLY in the game! Can't you tell? Usually he is pretty good- but the cold definitely went to his head!

After Ethan's game, was his end of season party at Skeeter's. We had brunch. It was nice, except for I couldn't eat anything-- because I was still nauseous. Double awesome!
But the show must go on- and Ethan got a little trophy and he was awarded trusted player of the season- he could get the job done, when you needed him too! He looks WAY interested!

Here is his cute little team! They got bobble head trophy's. HOW CUTE IS THAT??
Here he is with one of his little buddies! They seriously look like twins out on the field. Oh- and those cupcakes were yummy- somehow as soon as I saw the cupcakes, my stomach forgot how much pain it was in- and I had 2! But, I did pay for it... dang it!
After the party we had to go straight to Dante's game. He had 2 games that day, about an hour apart. I got some pretty sweet action shots of him doing his thing!
I've been surprised at how much his running has improved! He used to run like a girl (I'm not going to lie) but he is now starting to run more like a boy! Makes me pretty happy! He got his girlie running from Chet- seriously folks! Seriously! (only because Chet's legs are so long- that when he used to play chase with Dante when he was younger, he had to do this really slow, funny run- and I said that Dante just figured that is how you are supposed to run) Silly what kids pick up!

We went home during the hour break- because I needed to recoup my energy for the next game- and to recover from the wind chill of -60 outside! What we do for our kids!

I took some medicine, fell asleep, set my time for 15 min. and the next thing I knew we had missed Dante's next soccer game.

His team party is this Friday. They won the tournament and they won 1st place in the league for the U8 team division! I don't know how Dante got put on the best soccer team- but he did!! :)

I was starting to feel slightly better that night- but then Sunday morning- same nauseous feeling. Seriously- you women who get morning sickness during pregnancy- I don't know HOW you have more then one child- you are AMAZING!! Back to SUNDAY's festivities!

Church of course! We had missed the previous week because Dante and Ethan were both sick, throwing up-- so I felt bad missing another week- and my kids were fine, and I had to get the programs to the church. Usually, I have my mom, Emily, and my dad to help me out in church with my kids if I need it, but I was stranded this week, because my mom was home sick with Emily, and my dad was out of town. Chet has to work on Sunday (but I am excited for Jan. because we will change to 9 AM church, and he can come before work!) Anyways- my three kids should NOT be hard in church- and for the most part they aren't --- but MAN-- this Sunday-- THIS Sunday-- it was like crazy!

Thank heavens for my friend Melynda for sitting with me and my kids (her kids were home with her and her hubby sick) I guess everyone was sick that weekend. I owe her BIG time!! :)

Anyways- we were sitting on one end of the pew and another family was on the very opposite end of a very long pew. When the sacrament came, I made sure Ethan had some help with the water, because I didn't want him to spill it- so I asked Dante to help. Ethan wanted NOTHING to do with that! So, Dante touches the water, and Ethan starts screaming- I mean SCREAMING, so I take him out- and he is literally inconsolable!! INCONSOLABLE! I am outside, outside with him, because he is screaming so loud- and nothing is making him better. He is just on the ground crying and screaming... I can't pick him up- because he just flops- I can't go back in the church because then he just screams NOOOOOOO!, and it really was a SORRY site to see- and poor Melynda is just sitting in sacrament meeting with Dante and Erin (and I have no idea if they are being good for her)

Then Dante comes out, and Erin follows Dante out and they go back and forth a few times- then I look at Ethan and he is screaming and yells....


"NOW, YOU'VE MADE ME PEE MY PANTS!" - Is that not SO exciting!! I was jumping for joy-- with TEARS in my eyes!! Tears of JOY, I tell ya!
Yes, Ethan peed his pants while throwing his tantrum on the ground (luckily I was outside with him and not in the church!)

So, we went home. I was grateful to not be teaching that day. MAN ALIVE!:) My life is just too awesome sometimes!

I was glad I had the ability to laugh about it heartily after Ethan and I took a 3 hour nap together.

Which was MUCH needed. For both of us- because my stomach was still nauseous.

Then this week has been pretty exciting too- but I always feel like I need to blog "in order", so I don't blog- til' I have enough time to blog about the first big event!

Anyhow- onto some other really, NON kid related news:

Tomorrow- 7:45! That is what it is ALL about! And I found it funny, Chet saw the preview the other day during one of our shows- and he was like, what is all this hub-bub about Twilight? What is it?? (I guess I hide my obsessions well). I told him what it was about- and then said I had read all 4 books- and he was like really?? Yep- Chet is my Edward. Dark hair, pale skin, fangs (seriously- take a look next time) MY protector-- he can't get into my thoughts.... there is always that mystery there between us... and he eats animals, like cow, deer, chicken- you name it- instead of feeding on humans. Pretty sweet if you ask me! Edward- LIVING in my home! Who would have thunk it?

Lol- Yes- he will probably kill me when and if he reads this (actually I make him read it!) I'm like Looky what I blogged today! And he is usually like, "Well, how 'bout that, hon!" HOW ABOUT THAT!

But seriously- I think he is an Edward- but if you don't- I'm sure you think he is dead ringer for Topher Grace, like most people mistake him for.
SERIOUSLY?! Scary- I KNOW! Spittin' IMAGE!

I also finally updated my "Friday Flashback Music" It is 6 days late, and 1 day before the next Friday- but hey, who cares- I'll just keep it up for an extra week- this year is 1993! What was your fav. 1993 song?

I didn't do my spiritual Sunday either, because obviously- I didn't really have one! LOL! But- I'll leave you with a quote for this weeks....

well- I guess I won't- because I can't find the one I really, REALLY want to use- it is about patience... and that is something that really tried me on Sunday--

It basically says something like: Patience doesn't mean that inside your head you are blowing up and wanting to scream, or feeling stress, it is acting calm on the outside- and not letting it show.

So- if you have to scream - scream in your pillow:)

ok- I think it is about time I post this bad boy- so Thanks for reading, and hopefully my next post will be a little more "together"


herofanfamily said...

Wow, you have had a very MOM week too! It's a good thing we have cute adorable kids and amazing husbands. I love reading your post they are very entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Chet so does not look like Topher Grace. Dennis, on the other hand... well, have you seen Spiderman 3? I sat through the whole movie wondering when my brother had become a movie star.

Chet does look like Jim Carrey in his Fire Marshall Bill days, though.

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

What a crazy week! Hopefully, this week has been better.

Peachblossm said...


You are the cutest ever! Thanks for sharing all the joys of motherhood. AND thanks for your comments on my blog.

Your update has inspired me to get something done in my own little corner.

Katie said...

are you prego bertie? you sure have been nauseous a lot!!!

cate said...

I'm Amy's roommate from freshman year at BYU. (You'll remember me as the one that could wrap my hair around my nose. Cool skill) Anyway, I had a great chuckle about your church experience. Today my four year old hit my six year old across the face with his coloring book, because he didn't want her to color in it. She screamed, he glared and my husband was out of town. Good thing our ward is used to us.