Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dante can RIDE a bike!!

Yes, we were a little late teaching Dante to ride a bike, and to be honest, he hasn't really been that interested- he LOVES his scooter, why does he need to know how to ride a bike too??

But as his 8th birthday is approaching pretty quickly, I thought- it is NOW or NEVER. Chet had Tuesday off, and it was a gorgeous 70 degrees outside with the sun super bright with a light breeze, so I decided it was time! And why not knock all of them out with one stone and teach all 3 of them to ride a bike.

Dante GOT it! He has a little trouble getting started still, but once he is going he is GONE! He is not turning back either... poor little red scooter! Chet seriously is the best teacher ever!
Erin actually did pretty good too. She can go for a little bit- but she still falls every so often, and needs more guidance, but I'll give it a week or 2 and she'll be just as good as Big D!

Brayden had fun running after the bikes and running after a dog, that was about his size- and they would go back and forth chasing each other-- (I wish I had gotten pics of that) Too cute.
Ethan looked cute trying to ride his bike.. but just didn't quite get balanced enough to do it on his own. But his time will come!!

And he won't be giving up anytime soon:)

I'll take video of Dante riding tomorrow and add it to this post. I'm SO impressed- it took an hour to teach him! He is now a ridin' fool!