Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Video's GALORE!!!

So, this is my first time uploading multiple videos at once. I've never done this before- and I'll figure it out and where to put the writing as time goes by. But right now I'll just say I got a new camera and I didn't pay ONE penny for it- and neither did anyone else I know. I WON IT! On a blog: go here and you can see for yourself:) Pretty cool huh. So- now I can take some cool pictures- or at least pictures when I push the button vs. pushing the button and waiting 15 seconds before it takes the picture and now I can take sweet video! I'm loving it.

Now- for the videos- and what they are about:

1. Erin's new walk. A while ago we were at my moms house and Erin was walking to the pool to go swimming, and I see her kind of over exaggeratedly walking and moving her hips from side to side with each step.... I laughed and I said, "Erin, way to shake your bum!" and she looked back at me and goes, "Moooo-oom! This is how YOU walk!" I thought I was going to die! So- if you want to see how I walk, play video one- Erin did a reenactment for me.

2. Erin and Ethan are learning how to flip- and now I'm trying to get them to land on their feet. I think they will get it pretty quick- but for now they are pretty good. I taught myself when I was 5 how to flip and land on my feet- so they can too! Oh- and after Ethan's last flip- watch him bounce off towards the poll- I think he wanted the poll to stop him, and it didn't and he looks funny.

3. This is Erin and Ethan bouncing Brayden, who is one cute kid that I get to watch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My kids LOVE him!! My favorite part is his face after he face plants. And then when he crawls away real fast, because he is done being bounced! Too cute:)

4. And the last one is of Ethan at chuck-e-cheeses last night, playing some new game that I've never seen- where you hit something and it sends a ball flying- but Ethan has trouble and has to use his SUPER strength to get the ball where it needs to go- and he does! The alarm sounding in the background is because he won the game! And listen what he says after he hits his last ball!

That's it for now- until then- I'm loving my camera, and I'll be shooting more video and taking some quality pics for your enjoyment!


Simmons Family said...

LOL LOL LOL. I'm dying. Those videos were great. My favorite (although my son is still the custest thing ever) has got to be Erin's idea of how you walk. I can't say that I agree with her, but I enjoyed watching her do her thing just the same!