Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great week!

This past week we had the wonderful privilege to spend it with Chet's parents who flew in from California. The kids loved spending a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa Ranger. I'm so sad- I don't have hardly any pics as my camera decided to go "kaput".... and suck the life out of every battery I put in it 2 seconds after I put them in it. Why we sold the Digital Rebel XTi- I'll never know.. actually I do know why- it is the same as it is with our cell phones- Chet can only hold onto a model for so long, before he has to sell it and upgrade- so that way we get the most money out of the item, and we also can upgrade to the next best thing(I guess it makes sense, but right now- to me, it doesn't:))- so for now I'm stuck with some canon, that has been ok for a little bit- but now needs to go to the hosable. (as many little kids like to call it- or hospital)

But- back to the good news and with the pictures I currently have.

We went to NASA on Thursday. We took Dante out of school and it was so much fun! They had a live shuttle launch that day- (that we didn't even know about until it came on the big screen and the announcer started talking). Grandma and Grandpa Ranger were so nice and they bought us season tickets to the space center and I will be going almost daily- especially- once the gas prices start moving in a downward spiral. The HUGE kids play place rocks and I could go down that slide a million times and still come out laughing!

Well for now- enjoy the pics and there will be more to come:) Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa Ranger for a GREAT time!!

While we were there we took the tram tour around Johnson space center and it was a beautiful day... but a little chilly on the tram for some.....

Here is Chet and Ethan hiding under his shirt- trying to keep warm.
This is the big jet and it is HUGE!
The engines on the jet!
And Erin, Ethan and Dante on the moon. I'm soooo mad about this! This was the closest I could zoom in to get the whole moon and the kids- and it took me a while to try- and as I was trying the kids were doing all kind of funny poses(but totally serious) thinking I was going snap crazy. Then my camera went dead- and I didn't get any of the really hilarious poses! What is so funny- is they were being totally serious- and Ethan is some weird contorting phase.. like he is playing twister or something.

Maybe next time!

ps..... update to my previous fashion post. Ethan is a little color coordinator. He matches EVERYTHING (even though it does not look like it in my fashion post:)) - anyways... the other day I tell him to go get dressed and it is dark in his room- and I go in there and he is bawling- I mean BAWLING! I was like- Ethan- what is wrong- and he is like I can't find my black shorts... I was like here- where these blue ones, and he starts freaking out- but they don't match my shirt. However- they did match his shirt- he just couln't tell his shirt was navy blue in the dark and thought it was black.
Then on the morning when we went to Nasa- Erin walks out with jeans, a pink sweatshirt and pink shoes-- and Ethan goes- ERIN- you just DO NOT match!! So, I looked at Erin again- and the jeans she had put on, were the ones with red trim... so- technically they did not match with the pink! It was sooooo funny! (he definitely gets that from Chet!)

Chet will have me put a gym bag together for him- and he will be like- just make sure you put a shirt in my bag that matches my gym shorts- I have probably put his gym bag together 50 times.... and out of that 50 times I have probably NEVER mismatched his outfit-- but according to him- I have. Then I say- I'm sure people at the gym are saying- MAN- he just DOES NOT match! It kills me everytime:)