Friday, February 22, 2008

Lightning fast

Ok- we ALL know that Ethan runs lightning fast! Seriously- I can hardly see him when he is running! In fact- I think he is getting faster everyday. I should nick name him Dash-- he is really that fast- I mean- he outruns kids who are 2 times bigger....(cops included)

So, this afternoon when we got to the gym-- Ethan did his normal- run, run, run all the way to the child center- but he was looking down- like he was watching to see how fast the ground was moving underneath him. I'm watching him do this- and I notice a big ol' potted tree right in front of him, in the direction that he is headed. I stop dead in my tracks-- -because I'm freaked out? NO! Because I wish I could shout out in a split second - wait Ethan- watch out for that tree!!?? NO!! I stopped because I wanted to watch it go down. And sure enough- he runs straight into the big potted tree- and gets knocked backwards. It was the FUNNIEST thing ever!! I was laughing so hard- I mean people turned to look at me like, huh?- and my sister Elizabeth was with me- and she was like What?! What happened- and I told her- and Ethan was laughing too. I only "let" him run into the big potted tree because I knew it wouldn't really hurt him- and I would get a good laugh out of it. Now- he'll be more interested in looking ahead vs. down below! LOL!

Seriously though- lightning fast! It amazes me anytime I see him run full out!