Monday, February 4, 2008

Fashion Week

I thought that this would be an appropriate post since it is Fashion Week in good ol' NYC. Thanks to Ugly Betty I am now a regular fashion diva... but I can't say the same for my kids... but who knows- not everything on the runway is something I would wear either.:)

Here we have Ethan in a very long swimsuit (Dante's to be precise) with an attempt at color coordination with his green tiger shirt to match his colorful surfboard swimsuit. But- that is not all- to top it off, he is wearing his rain boots- by the one and only Stride Rite. You can see Ethan out on the streets daily in one of his many swimsuits, and when his have all been worn- you will find him in one of Dante's and sadly - occasionally one of Erin's. My favorite part of Ethan's wardrobe is when he chooses to accessorize with one of these:
A super stretch headband... as he calls them.

Next we have Erin- who can ALWAYS be found wearing a dress. She will only put on pants if it is freezing outside- and then as soon as we get home- she changes into a dress.

Here she is displaying her cute little Chinese dress from Chinatown in San Fran.

This is one of her dresses that she also has a matching dress for her little doll.
And this is one of my personal favorite sun dress of hers- that she hardly ever wears, come to think of it.

She has been known to chastise me for NEVER EVER wearing a dress except to church and she is constantly wondering why?! (I don't think I have ever gone through a dress wearing stage- even when I was 2!)

And last but not least- we have DANTE! Dante has a sense of style of his own- called the "I just don't care style". He dresses in Ethan's clothes sometimes on accident.... hence the belly shirt.

And he also still puts his clothes on backwards on accident. (check out the logo on his shorts) He is 7 in like 9 days- so - that really tells you either I'm a bad mom- or he "doesn't care":)

So, we may not be on the NYC runways yet- but they seem to put a smile on my face every time!


Monica said...

Love your fashion gurus!! Hilarious!! Mine want to wear black boots with little pink shorts and things like that.