Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh boy, MOM! You were right!

My poor Ephey is sick:( It always makes me so sad when this happens. He started throwing up around 11:00 last night. Kids don't always know what is best for them- but they ALL think that they do. So, here is the conversation we had last night at around 3 AM.. when he woke up thirsty.

Ethan: Mom, I need some milk.
Me: No, Ethan, milk will just make you throw up- you can have tiny, tiny sips of water.
Ethan: No, Mom- I really need milk. It won't make me throw up.
Me: Ethan, you are sick- it will make you throw up.
Ethan: Mom! Milk makes me go pee in the potty, not throw up.
Me: Ok, I'll get you some milk in a sippy cup
Ethan: (after I give him his sippy cup with milk in it) Thanks Mom!
Me: K- I love you, try to go back to sleep.
Ethan: (not 10. minutes later) Oh boy, MOM! You were right! (after he threw up all of his milk)

Hey- he now knows he will throw up his milk if he is sick:)

Today he has been much better- he only threw up a few times this morning- and has been able to keep down his yogurt... and now he is napping. Let's hope it doesn't go around!!


Avery's mommy said...

ugh! sick kiddos are the worst...hoping it stays limited to one kid!

the smoots said...

That is so funny! But, I'm sure not so fun to clean up. I'm glad he's feeling better...

Jill Hunt said...

So sorry for Ethan. We are all getting over illnesses too. My Ethan and Tyler had strep and I got the flu. No fun. Hope you guys are doing better.