Saturday, February 16, 2008

My baby

Isn't he the cutest 3 year old you have ever seen! LOL! I'm so sad that he is growing up- and since I don't have another little rug rat- he is my BABY, for now. It is so weird.... I've never had a 3 year old baby. When Dante was 3- I had both Erin and Ethan, when Erin turned 3- I still had Ethan- and he was 18 months. I think that because he is my "baby" he gets away with a lot- like grammar for instance. I don't correct him when he adds "b's" in front of some of his words, like... the Bazoo (zoo), Beaster eggs (easter eggs), or the fact that he has the "thingers" and "fumbs" switched.

Here he is when he was about 6 months- and this is what happens when someone is extremely bored and there is a sticker sheet near by.... yes I did this to my own child!

Here is Ethan in his old bouncy chair- that we have let Minnie have for now. He still feels like a baby!:)

(I swear if you painted my face white here and my lips red- I'd be deadbeat for the Joker!)

This kid is always trying to make me laugh- and making me laugh, when he isn't trying! Here are a couple cute conversations we have had.

Just yesterday:

Ethan: (bringing his bike into the house, which he knows is not allowed) MOM! I have to bring my bike into the house... (then he puts both hands on each of my cheeks and pulls my face down) If I don't bring my bike in, it will blow away.... because the wind is here Mom. The WIND is here. Me: OK!

This past summer we taught Ethan quite a few hand signals. Like peace in the middle east (2 fingers), cool dude (thumbs up), Rock on (index and pinky finger), hang loose (thumb and pinky), etc... So, I started to laugh when we had this conversation-- and it goes along with the "thingers" and "fumbs"- I was showing Chet how cute I thought it was.

Me: (holding up my 4 fingers) Ethan honey, what are these?
Ethan: "Thingers"
Me: (holding up my thumbs) Ethan, what are these?
Ethan: "Cool dudes."

Now- the one thing that I can do without- with Ethan being a baby- is him telling me still a year later- that he needs to go to the bathroom. He will run from wherever he is- all the way to wherever I am- and doing a dance- Mom, I have to go potty!! Then he runs off and goes. When I was first potty training him- I was adamant of the fact that he came and told me he needed to go so I could help... well- I guess he just REALLY got in the habit! In fact- he came in 2 seconds ago to let me know he needed to pee. :) Just go already:)

I love how Ethan is my baby for now and that I have been able to enjoy him this long, without having another little one to tend to. It is so weird to think- that if I kept up the pace that I was going- I'd have 5 kids by now and my youngest would be 4 months! Whoo!! That would have been a lot of work--- so I've been very thankful for the break- but I am ready now to keep the train moving.