Sunday, February 17, 2008

Like father like son.....

or is son a little smarter?? Since Chet rarely reads my blog- I think I can get away with this story... and hope he doesn't notice! LOL! Just kidding- he loves it when I tell funny stories about him.

So, after Chet and I were married... we decided it would be fun to tell funny stories of our childhood and some of the dumb things we did. Well, one of Chet's stories definitely took the cake! I laughed at him for years after he told me! In fact- every time I looked at him I would start cracking up... because it would remind me of this story. Here goes:

One day there was a little boy named Chet. He was probably 3 or 4 years old... and he was watching a funny show like Tom and Jerry with lots and lots of slapstick comedy. In this one episode, they pulled the classic banana peel prank, where Tom put down a banana peel and Jerry is running towards him and slips on the banana peel! Now- what does Chet decide to do?? Yep! The light bulb goes off in little Chet's head and he decides to get a

banana peel and go outside... put it on the sidewalk.... back way, WAY up.... and run for his life towards this banana peel.... and he slips on it and what happened?? He went up in the air and fell right on his back! What did he THINK would happen?? According to him "It looked like it would be fun!"

So- that story pretty much beat any "dumb childhood" story of mine! LOL! But what does that have to do with Dante? Well, when Dante was 2- he must have been watching the same exact episode that little Chet was watching 50 years ago because -- I found him on our black leather sectional running from one end to the other and then slipping towards the end and being like "whoops, that was a banana peel!"

So, I'm saying like father like son.... but I think my Dante was a little smarter- and never used an actual banana peel, and chose to do it on our nice, soft, plush couch vs. the side walk!! The things kids think of:)

But seriously- this story had me laughing for YEARS!!! (I don't think I have ever even pretended to slip on a banana peel!) LOL!


Notaturkeybone said...

One childhood memory that always makes me laugh out loud involves me, Chet, our dad and a whole lot of gas.

There was a fresh layer of very fluffy snow outside and Chet and I were scooping it into glasses and making shushies out of it. For some reason, these shushies were giving us gas. Not smelly gas, just windy gas. We were playing a board game and giggling a lot. Well, it got to the point that every time we would giggle one of us would let out a big noisy fart. Of course that would make us laugh even more and more gas would ensue.

As hilarious as that seemed to us at the time, it was even more delicious when Dad finally got tired of listening to us giggle and fart.

"You kids knock it off! I'm not gonna sit here and listen to PHHHBT PHHHBT PHHHHHBT all night long!"

He made these big, juicy, farting noises with his mouth, just to illustrate exactly what he was NOT going to listen to all night long.

To this day, the phrase, "I'm not going to sit here and listen to PHHHBT PHHHHBT PHHHHHBT all night long" has become commonplace in our house. Especially on Mexican food night.

Bertie said...

That is sooo funny! I remember you and Chet acting out that story once!!

So, where is you and Brett's blog:)

Notaturkeybone said...

I know it's hard to believe but...

We don't have one.

Check out Brett's website though. It's at Go to the wedding page, because it's seriously awesome. Our web designer (shout out to Razzberry Media!) is the best.