Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh, how I love pennies!

Today has been one of those days- where I just feel like sitting and reading, or sleeping- but that would mean- nothing getting done. So- this afternoon I had to say, NO MORE-- but by that time- I had all 3 kids home and it is pretty much impossible to get anything done with all 3 while they are here- while I'm cleaning one room, they are destroying the other room I just cleaned, kind of thing. So, I stole the brilliant idea from one of my friends blogs to send them on a scavenger hunt. So- I took 30 pennies, threw them outside and said- k- go find all 30 and you can come back inside once you have found every last one.

Well, they came back 10 short the first time, so I threw the 20 remaining outside again... then they came back with 12 and I threw those out, etc.... until only about 5 pennies could be found. The game worked... I got most of my work done- and they got a little exercise in, in the process. After they were done finding pennies - I made them run up and down the drive way 10 times and then do 10 push-ups, then they could come back inside.

Everyone did it- got a drink, Dante came back inside- and Ethan was like- k- I'm going to do it again. So, him and Erin ran up and down the drive way 10 more times... and then Erin came in- followed by Ethan bawling his head off- Errrriiiin!!! We still have 10 push-ups to do! We have to do 10 push-ups- COMEEEE OOONNN!!!

Erin compromised to doing 5 and Ethan would do 5 extra after his 1o to make hers at 10 too. I wonder who the athlete will be in our family?? :)


Katie said...

what a good idea bertie! i'm totally going to use that one! and i wish you could have convinced your mom to come to kerrville. we had a great time. morgan left today and i'm leaving tomorrow... we'll have to come to houston and visit sometime!!

Burk Family said...

I love things like this. I always tell Carter to go pick up toys in his room. He ends up distracted and playing for like 20 minutes and I can get things done!

Jenn W said...

This is definately an idea to use!! Although, what are you going to do when the lawn needs to be mowed?

Bertie said...


Good question! I have no idea- and Chet asked me the same thing when he got home from work! Whoops!:)

Staub Family said...

What a great idea. I'm going to store that one up for later.