Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And we ALL pee together on 3!

These kids look innocent enough right?? That is what I think sometimes too- but then I hear this WILD CRAZY STORY and I'm like WHAT???? That is what also makes me love such innocent children- they still don't try to "hide" anything from me- and the story always comes out! This is the THIRD time I have posted this picture of catching Ethan peeing in my front yard and other people's front yards.. but this time it wasn't just Ethan-- and it was NOT in our front yard.

There is a little boy who lives 2 houses down that my kids LOVE to play with and they play with him all the time! He has a much better back yard then ours with lots of fun things, including tether ball. Well, one afternoon my kids all come home, after being there for maybe 30 min. and usually they will play for hours on end-- and I asked Ethan and Erin why they came home so early-- and Erin pipes up and says, because Ethan peed in Alex's backyard and his dad saw and made us come home! (Talk about an embarrassing apology!) So, I ask Ethan and I'm like- WHY did you pee in Alex's back yard- you know you are not supposed to do that. Then Ethan pipes up and says well- Alex did too! (which made me feel a little bit better about the situation- because it wasn't JUST my child) Then Erin says- there is only one spot that we can pee in, in Alex's backyard--- I'm like WHAT?? There is a designated peeing spot in Alex's backyard?? So, this is a normal occurrence? Dante then walks in- because I'm BEYOND confused... and I ask him what happened- and he is such an honest soul!:) So, he goes onto explain that they all peed at the same time into the same spot-- and I turn to Erin and I say- YOU peed in Alex's back yard?? And she very sincerely and sadly says - Yes- I tried, but I couldn't make it go out- it only went straight down. (don't ask me how she hid that from me!)

So- I'm A: BEYOND mortified- that I'm going to have to go to my neighbor and apologize for my kids peeing in his backyard probably every afternoon for the last few weeks... and hope that he will still let my kids play with Alex. (luckily all is a-ok!)

B: CONFUSED as to why my kids think it is ok to pee in other peoples yards- or any yard for that matter!

C: And I don't know if I should laugh or cry?! I chose to laugh- but it is getting old.

I told my friend this story and she grew up with brothers and she said it is completely normal and she remembered being so jealous that they could just go anytime they needed, and she couldn't. (They lived on a farm) - so that made me feel better... but still:)

So- I guess the peeing in people's yards is foreign to me because I only have sisters- but what is even worse- is the lets all pee together and try to match up our pee streams?! AWESOME!!


Rachael said...

Well look who it is! Miss Bertie! How the heck are you? I have always wondered what happened to you?! You look great and your kids are adorable. Where are you guys now? I am so glad you found me, lets totally keep in touch!

erinannie said...

I laughed so hard at this post!!
My sister has 3 boys. My sister and I grew up just us 2 sisters (eventually a brother came along, but we were in high school by then). She has had an interesting time understanding how and why her boys think it is perfectly normal to drop trou and just pee when needed. I think my favorite story was when their car broke down and they were in an exit (in the grassy V area) waiting for the tow truck. And her 4 year old peed right there for the highway and tow truck driver to see.
I think my favorite part is that Erin tried to participate too. That's just too funny!

KID, MD said...

I think anyone who has brothers or boy children has at least one peeing story!! Our best one involved a neighbor (who didn't have boys) calling CPS b/c she saw my brother peeing in the yard and thought we were being neglected. Fortunately the people at CPS were smarter than that nosey woman!

Melynda said...

What happened when you talked to Alex's dad? Was he more understanding?

BeatlesDiva said...

OK, I think this is funny, I love it when little kids do crazy stuff, , but then again, I'm not a parent.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you just need to explain to them that there's a "designated peeing spot" at everyone's home.

It's called a toilet.

Monica said...

Hilarious, Bertie!! Your kids are the cutest.

We would LOVE for you guys to come play on the waterslide ANYTIME!!! You name it! And we'll be sure to show them where the toilet is! :)

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