Thursday, July 17, 2008

Children's Museum!

Here are some fun pictures from our wonderful afternoon at the Children's museum!:)

1st stop the "self-coloring" station. Aren't they cute? It is Erin and Missy and Lala (who are Brett and Amy's nieces)

This is one of the plants in the back- and I actually planted one last summer because it is one of the best to grow in Texas- once it gets started - the less water and the more humidity it gets- the better conditions for growing-- well- I guess mine didn't get nurtured enough to even get it started so - I don't know what happened to it- but it disappeared?! But it would look like this now if I still had it!! Just in case you were trying to picture my backyard.

Here is Dante and Jessica in the "red hot" car!! Dante likes the older women:)

This was a fun building station- they were kind of like tinker toys, but rubber. The kids had lots of fun making different creations.

Minnie and Amy! Minnie is wearing her favorite scowl! It really is a cute little scowl:)

Erin and Missy playing grocery store clerks-- they are giving people fish, chicken, lobster, and what ever else was back there.
Ethan waiting for the eggs to hatch. Waiting and waiting and waiting- and of course giving his signature thumbs up!

Aunt Emily and Ethan at I don't know where?

Here is Minnie with her little boyfriend in the special toddler section. And this is my favorite picture of the day! As we were leaving, Dante REALLY wanted 2 hot dogs from the little cafe there- and when I said no- maybe next time- he ran and cowered under a table and when he saw I was going to take a picture of him crying and whining- he tried to cover himself with a chair- which didn't work too well-- I LOVE it when my 7 year old does things like this! This picture is mainly for Melynda's enjoyment!

The trip was really fun and the kids loved every minute of it!

Tomorrow pictures from our recent beach trip!


Melynda said...

Sometimes that's the only run and hide. You know, locking yourself in a closet also works. I definitely identify!!! What would we do without the drama?

Stephanie said...

Wow, that is a busy day, what happend to your plant? Are you like your mom with your love to garden?

Amber Staub said...

I took the girls to the Children's Museum on Tuesday and they loved it. It is such a fun place. That picture of Dante under the table is hilarious!