Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of JULY!

What a fun, fun day we had!! Chet had to work all day and so we hooked up with some of our really good friends, The Robinsons, and didn't let the day pass us by! To start we went to Bounce U for some really fun bouncing-- even Melynda and I got in on some of the action! We were surprised at how empty it was- there were probably 10 kids there total and it was a 5 dollar special per child! Here are some fun pictures taken from the Bounce!

Dante and Issaac brawling it out in the boxing ring! Melynda and I have decided Dante and Issaac are twins- just in different bodies and from different mother's. So, I guess Melynda and I are related in some unseen way.... pretty cool!

Erin just getting off the slide and running up to me to take a picture.
Ethan, Reschelle and Erin! They are all such cute friends- and I love how Ethan is willing to play polly pockets with these 2 girls - he might be bringing in the ketchup for the polly pockets blood and pretend they died, but he still plays with them:) (ps- they were all smiling for the picture but due to my camera's EXTREME delay- I think they started to be like "come on! Take is ALREADY LADY!"

Here is my good friend Melynda and her cute baby boy Tommy! Do you not LOVE his hair- and how his head is the size of his moms? Such a cute baby!
Here is Ethan coming down the slide- he was just fearless- while most kids would sit up at the top for a while and think about going down or go down cautiously- Ethan would run up the steps and just jump and whatever position he jumped in, he didn't care, and would slide down as fast as he could.

After Bounce U we headed over to MacDonald's for some lunch- and the kids played some more. It was nice to tucker them out a little:) Then it was time for little Tommy to take a nap so we all went home.

But- when 8:00 rolled around we were off to the church for some fun games and fireworks!

Here they are with the beloved sno-cone! I spilled mine- and my kids didn't even make a drip- go figure!

Here they are outside on the blanket waiting for the fireworks to start! They got these cool glo-sticks for free. Ethan is trying to show you his.
Then the fireworks started and the kids were in awe! I'm so happy Melynda was able to make it just in time for the fireworks with Reschelle and Issaac. The first thing we heard from the kids about half way through was how much longer these were going to last- and then when they ended - we heard-- THAT'S IT?? That was soo short! Chet walked up as soon as it was over:( Poor man- he was hoping to make it for the whole display- but only got to see it from the car driving in. We still love you honey- and there is ALWAYS next year:)

Thanks Melynda, Issaac, Reschelle and Tommy for a great day! We all had so much fun:)


Monica said...

That's so cool you guys could see the fireworks from your house! We just popped our own out on our street and then the kids were in bed before the real shows even began!

Melynda said...

That was a great post until you put that picture of that weird-lookin' girl. I think she drives a honky-tonk wagon...she does have a very cute baby though. Thanks for the great day! We had lots of fun!