Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm JUST trying to take a DARN picture!

On Sunday my mom gave Dante and Ethan their gifts from her trip over to Scotland. They were SOOO thrilled to get these swords and cool belts to put them in- almost like REAL guards! So, after my boys were dressed for church- and they were looking too cute- I decided to take a picture of them with their swords. Something happened to make Ethan cry- I'm not sure, maybe he got whacked with a sword, maybe he needed to go to the bathroom and I wouldn't let him until we got the perfect picture, who KNOWS- but something set him off--- and here is what followed!

I guess next time I should put the camera down and cuddle with the crying one-- but, something inside me told me to keep going- it will only take a minute to snap a decent shot-- HAHA!! The laugh is on me-- it took more like ALL day! But I did put the camera down and snuggle him after the 4th picture! But I love the last one, because it looks like Dante is really going to "kill" Ethan and he is scared and crying and wants to run home to mama! Oh- and Dante kept trying to put his sword in his mouth and pose- like it was a rose!!?? He is a TRUE WARRIOR:)


Katie said...

poor ethan!

Cheryl said...

Your blog always makes me smile. Your kids remind me so much of you as a kid.

Amber Staub said...

That is a classic picture taking moment. How come it is near impossible to get a good picture of kids? I love that you captured the "in between" because that's where all the entertainment is.