Monday, July 28, 2008

Chet's B-day continued!!

YES! We have been celebrating Chet's b-day for the last 3 weeks!:) Just kidding- but I am just now getting around to posting about his birthday celebration, which we celebrated the day after his actual b-day.

The day of course started off with Sonic Happy Hour for all drinks 1/2 off between 2-4! At one point while we were waiting for our food to come, Chet asked me to get Ethan's gum off the side of the window- which he had just dropped. I get out of the car to start scraping, and I smell Ethan's breath- and I'm like- where did you get the cinnamon gum?? I usually don't buy cinnamon flavored... Ethan points, I turn my head- and CAN'T believe he just took the gum off of the side of the Sonic menu that someone so conveniently put there. (the gum is pictured below next to "Java Chillers") NIIIICCCCEEEE!

After that we headed over to NASA to use our beloved Season Passes- which were given to us by Grandma and Grandpa Ranger (Chet's parents) - and have been such a GREAT gift! They had a thing going on there called "Dare Devil Island" The kids LOVED it!!

Here is Dante on the trapeze. Erin was too chicken and Ethan was too little to go on it. Dante had fun- he got on it and then fell off immediatle instead of hanging on! It reminded me of the time, as a life guard greasing the zip line with tanning oil, and just watching people fall right off and do a backflop! (funniest thing ever) Dante def. pulled one of those on the trapeze!!

Here he is exiting and Erin is waiting anxiously to get on with the rest of Dare Devil Island.

Bungee Jumping on the tramp was next! Erin and I waited in a pretty long line while Ethan and Dante just ran around. They preferred to do the maze over and over and over AND OVER again-- I'll get to that in a minute:)
Dante decided he thought he would join us right when we got to the front. No one got mad so I guess that is ok. Ethan missed out though- but Erin and Dante had a blast jumping and going REALLY high!
Now we come to the AMAZING MAZE that entertained them til' the place closed practically! In the above picture you can see Dante from the back and he is stamping his "time card" for when you enter the maze and then when you exit you stamp it again and see how well you did.

Here are Erin, Ethan and Dante all that the lookout in the maze.

Ethan cheating?? NO!! Not my Ethan?? YEP! He spent more time on the ground then on his feet.
Chet had to get in on the action and played tag with the kids - here you can see him in the left hand corner and Erin running for her life because she knows dad is coming.

Chet FINISHED the maze- but did he beat the kids time??

When all was said and done and the maze was completed 100 times per kid- here is what the stamp desk looked like! Yes- all the cards outside of the clear box are my kids time stamp cards. Apparently they don't know what a trash can is- and they don't know how to conserve. Am I to blame?? :)
After NASA we headed over to one of Chet's co-workers houses because he has like a zoo of exotic animals. It is crazy! You can see Dante above trying to be like Brittany Spears. Not too shabby.
Here is Chet with the adorable little monkey! Can't you see Chet walking around town with one of those little red musical boxes that he turns a handle to play with a cute little monkey sitting on his shoulder with a little red hat?? I CAN!!
Ethan was a little unsure of the whole snake thing and Erin wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with ANY of the animals except the dog.

They also had a couple of foxes and small cheetah like cats. Since then he has also gotten a wallaby that we will have to go back and check out- the kids will go WILD!! :)

It was such a fun day!! Families are the best:)

Well- I'm off to the lovely city of San Diego for about a week- and I'll have a lot to blog about when I get home. Until then- ENJOY LIFE!!


Anonymous said...

I just had a sudden urge to shout, "Get those snakes off my nephews!"


Melanie Rossi said...

That's a funny story about the gum! And we went to NASA too with jared's family last Sunday, it was fun, but nerve racking trying to keep up with the kids!

Amber Staub said...

That is so gross about the gum. I love that kids don't care about that. Those snake pictures are pretty crazy. What brave kids you have.