Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to my ONE AND ONLY!!!

This one's for YOU!!

You are the best husband, father, friend, brother and yes even sister anyone could ask for! You always know how to make me and everyone else laugh- especially when you are constantly making faces like these - I mean- WHO WOULDN'T LOVE YOU!!!
You are such a hard working man for our family- and you still make time for us, when you are tired from working a 17 hour day! I hope your birthday was a nice little break from the "norm"! You are AMAZING!! And we LOVE YOU!! Here are some fun memories from your b-day to always remember:)

You and Me Together FOR-EVER! Waiting for the steaks to finish.

More silly faces- I'm sorry I make fun of them all the time- but you always have one on your face and they make me laugh:)
Your cake FINALLY finished being lit after 3 different fire starters.

Your cake all blown out- and he does it in ONE puff- not like a really long blow- but like a "puff"! It is the craziest thing you have EVER seen- and ALL the candles go out at the same time! Seriously- so bizarre and I can't even get ONE candle out doing it that way- I've been practicing-- and he beats me every time! You'll have to ask to see him do it sometime.:)

Then what is a fun family birthday night without Guitar Hero, Boggle and Crazy Rook???

Happy birthday sweetie pie! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did:) I love you with all my heart and the kids think you are pretty sweet too!


spenceandcass said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think his funny faces are great.

Dave and Jana said...

July is the best time to have a birthday :)