Friday, July 18, 2008

No better beach than GALVESTON, TX

Last Saturday we headed off to the beach to be with good ol' Aunt Christie! My kids can't go too long without seeing her- or else they start to flip out! The beach trip started out with piles of sunscreen-- because there is nothing worse then a burnt child. Apparently I'm turning into my dad and I put WAY too much sunscreen on my face - and don't realize what I look like til' my sisters decide to point it out! I thought they were just taking a funny picture of me- they didn't let me know I looked like a ghost! What else are sisters for?!

Here is Erin- she was happy she got all rubbed in!

Now we are at the beach- and I'm so happy to have beach bums for kids! Here is Dante showing you a sea-shell. It was the most perfect beach day- EVER!!

Here we have a soon to be pro- boogie boarders chilaxin' in the sun. Aunt Christie is in the back on the green floatie.

Erin is all into taking pictures now! After wards she will let you know if she thinks it was a good picture or a bad one. According to her- the above one of her and below one of her and REALLY good pictures!

Here is our amateur surfer dude! He has the lingo down and everything from cowabunga to surf's up and Hang Loose! Auntie Elizabeth is training him well! Next time I'll get a shot of him on Elizabeths real surf board.
Here is Dante again- showing you another pretty shell he found in the ocean. He said he would only take pictures if he had a shell to show. He was VERY adamant about it! Too bad there weren't any hermit crabs for him to show you.
The weather was perfect- and even more perfect for smooth sailing! Next time hopefully we can bribe my dad into bringing down his catamaran. There is nothing like getting on the harness and "flying" especially when the waves are HUGE and sailing on the side of the boat! Yes sometimes we tip- but that is FUN!

Katie- I probably should make an apology to you and ruining sailing for you, when we went out about 12 years ago and you were already pretty freaked, and right before a huge wave came and knocked the boat right over, and you were hanging on for dear life- I decided to point and yell, shark or jelly fish, right before you fell into the water- and I'm sorry if that scarred you for life.

I didn't really think you would believe me. But if it makes you feel any better I got a HUGE scolding from my dad afterwards- and how I shouldn't do that- and that sailing isn't scary to me because I've been doing it forever- but it might be to others. Oh- and I also walk side-ways and that is kind of awkward sometimes. Do you forgive me? You should bring Rex down- he would LOVE IT!!


spenceandcass said...

Look how buff you are in that pic! Spence says you used to compete in muscle contests! Are you still way into working out?

Bertie said...

Hey Cass!

I used to compete in fitness competitions - but then took a hiatus - hopefully after we have baby #4- I will get my game on again- however- who knows when that will be. I still workout but not to the extent of competing- it's rough!:)

Katie said...

Yeah you pretty much scarred me for catamarans for me any time soon, matter of fact, that's the only time I have ever been, and it will surely be the last. I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life!! I'll forgive you though! :) We have so many other good times at the beach with you guys, I'll let that one slide...