Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eeesss MY birthday (or was).... on the 28th!

Yes- it was my birthday- and I turned 28 ON the 28th!! I've heard that is your golden birthday-- and MAN- I have a pretty golden one! Thanks to many, many people.

First that morning I went visiting teaching, and then my VT companion- Shanna, was so nice and took me out to lunch to:

YUMMY!YUMMY!YUMMY! Thankyou Shanna!! It was so much fun to just sit and talk and eat and not have ANY kids running around or to clean up after!

After a wonderful meal- my good friend, Melynda dropped by to pick up Erin for dance, and brought me this LOVELY picture frame! I absolutely LOVE it, girl! You know me too well:) It is already on my bedside table- now I'm just looking for the perfect picture to put in it... do you think Chet or Joel would be offended if you and I took one together and I put it on my night stand? I could get you a copy too!:) Seriously though- I love it! Thanks so much!

That night, I went to my parents for a birthday dinner, cake, presents and ICE-CREAM! Seriously- you'll see some SERIOUS ice-cream below!!

My family is the best! Amy got me a really cute box, and then she filled it with Kit-Kats and Peanut M&M's, and this cute little guy............

Isn't he CUTE??!!

Then Ethan stole the show for a little bit.. because he always HAS to do that... and him and Mr. Kit Kat became good friends!I love this last one.... with some drool coming out of his mouth!

We then did cake and ice-cream. Usually I get a Baskin Robbins World Class Chocolate ice- cream cake- (ALL ice-cream, no cake) and it is usually decorated pumpkin style.. like This. (If you scroll down in the link, you'll see me with my cake from last year)

This year, however- my mom wanted to make it simple and just have a chocolate cake (which I was cool with). I love all of our expressions in this photo! SO ATTRACTIVE!;)

They bring out this HUGE, GIMOUNGOUS, WHOPPIPNG THREE GALLONS of world class chocolate ice-cream... straight from Baskin Robbins! I mean, this is the thing that you see them scooping your ice-cream out of at Baskin Robbins!
(that is how much of an ice-cream freak I am)Oh, my DELICIOUS!!! I mean- DELICIOUS! And I will be 75 pounds heavier when I finish it in a few weeks- BUT a HAPPY 75 pounds happier at that! Seriously- I have a LOT leftover-- so if you are craving BR... then you are welcome to come have a bowl... with me:)

Chet took me shopping and arranged a night to ourselves- I mean ALL night. I got lots of cute new stuff- and these shoes....for 6 bucks!

Cute, pinstriped, red wedges for 6 bucks! Steal of a DEAL! Yes they are for summer- but they are CUTE and too cute to PASS up!

I will leave you with 28 things that I made Chet write about me- and why he loves me! Because I like to look back and read stuff like that... if I'm feeling blue. He did it- and added a 29th for good measure... he is SO sweet:)

1. Optimistic – always sees the positive side of things first
2. Beautiful – still don’t see how someone can be so pretty 9 years later, and continues to look prettier than she was when she was 19. How’s that work??
3. Sweet mom – I love that the kids don’t behave for her 100% because she’s sweet to them. That’s the way it should be… dad lays down the law, mom nurtures.
4. Beautiful hair – long, soft, lays down, easy to style, looks A- MA – ZING.
5. Sees things in a new light every time. Gets excited about newness like a kid still.
6. Ambitious. Hasn’t settled into a groove and just thinks status quo is ‘o-kay’.
7. Hard working.
8. Beautiful eyes – bright blazing blue tiger eyes
9. GREAT sense of humor – love that she pulls pranks on everyone. Tells crazy lies about randomness to everyone just to see their reaction. Hi-larious. Or pulling down Ethan’s pants until he starts yelling. BWAHAHAH.
10. Takes such good care of me – gets me anything I want, does anything I ask, never refuses me (or anyone) a favor and never expects anything in return.
11. Further to 10 – completely selfless and full of charity.
12. Loves to dress up and look good for me and I love that!
13. Still probably my favorite Bertie-ism. An unquenchable thirst and desire for pleasure and joy. Could eat out every night at a new restaurant and not feel guilty. Could go on vacation for a year straight and enjoy every day of it. Could eat 20 gallons of ice cream and still think the ice cream was the best she ever had at gallon 21. Guilt-free enjoyment of life = helping me to enjoy more of life’s little pleasures.
14. A health nut and natural at fitness.
15. Amazingly naturally beautiful and curvaceous figure. This woman was born to be a fitness or fantasy model.
16. Great communicator. People love to listen to Bertie, talk to Bertie, read Bertie’s take on life. She’s beloved and I dig that!
17. Passion for learning and reading.
18. Passion for travel and trying new things. Has never said ‘No honey, I don’t think that is something I want to do or see our family doing in the future’.
19. Accepting of people for who and what they are, as they are, except for negativity. Love that!
20. Doesn’t make excuses, doesn’t quit.
21. Great cook, especially desserts. Loves trying new recipes and making meal plans.
22. Athletic – whose wife after nine years is pushing the GUY to go play tennis, racquetball, ride bikes, get outdoors, etc.?
23. Great organizer and socializer – into becoming party central for those around her!
24. CREATIVE! She doesn’t think so, but for Pete’s sake, just look at her blogs and tell me she’s not creative?!?!
25. Loves to cuddle and be touched, isn’t self-conscious about her body.
26. Helps me be a better person without being pushy about it or condescending.
27. Spiritual – sees life for what it is, a journey in which we all need to come together and lift each other.
28. Sweetest and kindest and most selfless person I know, not a bad bone in her body!
29. The woman of my dreams, I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Awwww!! So sweet- who could have asked for a better "golden" birthday or husband!

Please- feel free to add why YOU dig me! You don't have to keep it a secret :)

I'll tell you why I dig me: I dig me- because somehow I'm awesome enough to have family and friends like ALL of you! Thanks for making life that much sweeter!


~~Heidi~~ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love those shoes, how cute. And your little ethan, what a HAM. Sounds alot like our Ty. That is one huge thing of icecream. yummy!!

Jill Hunt said...

Happy birthday and what nice things your husband said!

Katie said...

I'm so glad that you had such a great birthday! And I love the cute! And you and me have the same love for ice cream! When I was pregnant (both times) I had a bowl of ice cream every night! Yumm..

Mrs. B said...

Happy Birthday Bertie! Those shoes are so cute - I love deals like that! And I'm seriously the exact same - ice cream cake except with only ice cream, no cake. I would be such a fatty if I had that giant tub of ice cream :)

Melynda said...

I'm still thinking about the picture on the night stand thing. I don't know...

Looks like a great bday! I didn't know BR let you buy the big tubs of ice cream. All I can say is, "Doo da doo da doo doo."

Melanie Rossi said...

Happy Birthday Bertie!!!

Morgan said...

Happy Birthday Bertie! :) Those are AWESOME shoes! That giant tub of ice cream cracks me up! Enjoy every bite! I love you because you are SO full of life!

Anonymous said...

Why I dig Bertie:

Two words--baby clothes.


Chris and Sally said...

Happy Birthday! I think you are amazing because whenever I see you you always look like you're enjoying yourself. I love that you are always happy. There have been a couple times that I have been out somewhere and going crazy because my kids are running around and I think of you and how nothing seems to phase you and you just let your kids be kids and it calms me down a little bit. If you can do it I can do it!

Shauna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love your blog :)