Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why the writers strike hasn't been too bad for me:)

I have a love-hate relationship with the TV. I love it when all my shows are on, but I hate it, because then I am sitting in front of the TV doing absolutely nothing for however long the show is! Which brings me to how much I LOVE DVR!!! I love how I can fast forward through the commercials- I can wait for Chet to get home before we watch our shows, I can wait until I have laundry to fold to watch the show, or some other meaningless stuff to do- that I can do sitting down while watching my shows.

I CANNOT wait for the premier of LOST tonight!! I'm so excited! Last night- when I got home from mutual, Chet was like- Guess what is taping right now?? I was like WHAT?? He was like- You were wrong!! (And I'm getting REALLY excited about this!) And I'm like Lost? NO way! Really! I was wrong!! I'm so excited because I thought I would have to wait in anticipation for another whole 24 hours! Then- I go to my computer to see if they are doing like a 2-night thing, like they did for The Chronicles of Sarah Connors. Turns out:( I was right- and they were just repeating last seasons finale. DANG IT! So- here we are with 4.5 hours left... and I'm nearly losing my mind! Ok, not really- but it is one of those things where you just want it to get here, but then I'm going to have to wait for Chet to get home from work and back from the gym- which will probably be about 11:30 or so.... which puts me TRYING really hard to not succumb to the temptation to watch it without him. If I do- he knows! There is no hiding it- I can't hide anything like that- I'm one of those- "oh, I hate this next part" or "wait til' you see what happens next" kind of person, or "RUN JACK RUN!" Chet automatically knows what is up by that point.

I have also really enjoyed the "writers strike" because I have been able to read vs. watching TV and I'm ahead of schedule on my books! YEAH! I've also dropped a few shows due to reading instead. I rarely watch All My Children anymore- unless I have laundry to fold at that time. That is practically an extra 260 hours a year that I'm adding back into my life. I really still love the show-- but it makes me SOOO mad when I haven't watched for a little bit- or heck, even when I'm watching it consecutively and they switch actors on me! Like Greenley - the right one is back now THANK GOODNESS- but Babe has changed now- and I loved her old actor! Or like chief Derrek changed... and it makes me not like those people anymore. I'm like- that is not so and so!! But I guess that is how they roll in the world of Soaps! And how I'll stop watching for a while and someone would have been dead for a while- and all of a sudden they are alive again?? What is that? I mean- yes- I'm glad they keep bringing Ryan back- but he has died like 16 times- is he invincible?? Or- how I was soooo excited when Dixie was in fact alive and she came back on-- and then they killed her off for real like 3 weeks later-- I was like... are you serious?? Why tease us like that? I really loved Dixie- as if she was my own sister.

Now- I know anyone who does not watch AMC is probably going- Bertie is nutsos! But- I guess with all this TV talk- I had to get it off my chest! Maybe I can put in a complaint somewhere, to stop the madness?! Anyhow- this is my random post for today, until I can tell you all about each of my childrens ideas of fashion!


Michelle said...

Bring on LOST! I can't wait either!

Katie said...

we SO need dvr!!

Monica said...

I am SOOO sad!! We had a bad wind storm that knocked our satellite out of alignment so we were without tv for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday -- so I missed the premier of Lost that I have been waiting for MONTHS to watch!! ARGH! Now I have to see if they are going to replay it, or maybe I can download it on the computer, but not the same as watching it on the big screen! I am so totally with you on the DVR - I cannot watch tv without it now because I refuse to watch commercials.

Jill Hunt said...

I use to watch LOST but then I really got lost in it so I stopped. Paul and I want to start renting the seasons though because I know it is a good show. I am with you on All My Children. I have watched ever since I was little and my mom would watch it. But I don't watch it everyday either. I too tuned in one day and saw a new Babe character and was bummed because I like the old babe better. Weird how things on a soap can change so quickly!

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